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FTF Decorum

Participants and spectators in the FTF process should understand that
the intention of FTF play is to provide a more efficient, more
enjoyable, and quicker alternative to playing the games via Manager
Instruction Sheets.

In order for FTF play to serve this purpose, proper behavior is
warranted. Participants in the games should show respect to the opposing
owner by concentrating on the game and keeping a continuous flow in the
action. Additionally, spectators should also show respect to the
participants. Discussions involving non-game related topics should be
kept outside of the IRC channel that hosts the FTF game. All those
present should use language that will not be found directly offensive to

General Procedure


Please remember to perform DTD rolls if they are needed.

The procedure before the a FTF game starts is the following, in order:
*   Home team announces starting pitcher (in newsletter).
*   Weather is rolled by home team.
*   Home team confirms or changes starting pitcher.
*   Visiting team announces starting pitcher.
*   Home team announces lineup.
*   Visiting team announces lineup.

At-bat procedure

The general procedure for a PA is outlined below
*   Batting team announces batter. In practice, the pitching team
will usually announce their defense before the batter is announced, 
but as long as both are announced, things should be fine.
*   Pitching team sets defense, and indicates it is set.
NOTE: if the offensive team rolls before the defense has announced that
it is set, the defense may elect to take the outcome of the play or
require a reroll.
*   Batting team either announces swing away (default), bunt, steal, or
any other play. Not announcing anything means the batter will swing away.
*   Batting team rolls.

Baserunning rolls

For stealing, the batting team announces the lead runner is trying for
the jump, after the defense has announced itself as set. The batting
team then rolls to see if the runner got the jump. If the runner
attempts, see below.

When a baserunner advances and a roll is required:
*   Batting team announces who is trying to advance (or steal).
*   Defending team announces for whom (if anyone) they are throwing.
*   Offensive team rolls.

Substitution Procedure

Official Baseball Rules regarding substitutions are to be followed in
FTF play. A player is considered to be announced and in the game when
his name is typed and distributed on the FTF channel.

Common abbreviations

autoset, auto: defense is automatically set for the following batters,
until a batter reaches base.
in, ii: infield in.
ci, in@c: corners in.
back, b: infielders are back.
nh: runners not held.
held, h: runner(s) held, ss holds second for a LH batter,
2b holds second for a RH batter, unless stated differently.
If there are multiple runners, usually the defensive manager
will specify which, if any, runners are held.
H&R: hit and run play.
Time: asking for a moment to "think" or make a change.
Jump, j, steal: attempting to get jump.
fats, fat: the current pitcher is now fatigued.
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