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1. Failed Drug test ruling (by Rusty Peltz 4/25/11): In the IBL, 50 games for a first failed test and 100 games for any subsequent failure.

  UPDATE (7/31/2016):  80 games for first, 162 for second and subsequent.
  MLB changed to these lengths for the 2014 season.

2. Suspension during playoffs (by Chris Hartjes in Jan, 2007):

“Any wild play that would cause a player to miss time due to anything other than a suspension or injury during the playoffs is to be rerolled until such a play is not selected.

To be clear, any wild plays that result in injuries or suspensions are still to be followed.”

3. Emergency Transactions (by Chris Hartjes 5/18/08):

At times, an injury to a player on your active roster would cause you to not have a legal roster. If a player who was deactivated in the previous week can be activated in order to ensure that you have a legal roster, then that player can be activated even though they have not been deactivated for the requisite two weeks as long as the injured player is deactivated as well.

4. Pat Venditte rules (Sean Sweda, 2016-03-14):

When facing a batter who is not a switch hitter Venditte is considered to be throwing from the same side as the hitter (RH vs RHB, LH vs LHB). When facing a switch-hitter Venditte throws LH and uses his italicized fatigue numbers while the batter hits RH. There is a SPECIAL on Venditte’s card as a reminder. Note: facing a switch-hitter does not cause Venditte to fatigue, he is just forced to use the italicized numbers. Venditte fatigues based on total batters faced. When he reaches his limit he is fatigued regardless of which arm is being used. Similarly, Venditte’s BF totals for rest purposes are cumulative regardless of which arm was being used. If Venditte is injured he is considered unable to pitch for the duration of the injury regardless of which arm was being used at the time of injury.

5. Emergency transactions after week 23 (Rusty Peltz, 10/8/2016)

Teams may pick up a free agent in week 24 or later only if necessary to fulfill positional requirements for a legal roster. The player is not eligible for the postseason unless necessary to field a legal postseason roster. The player may not be retained for next season.

Players released after week 23 are ineligible to be picked up, since they were never available to be signed by another team.

6. Game 1 Rainout Then Game 2 Suspended and Resumed (Rusty Peltz, 2016-10-10)

If game 1 of a series is rained out, making day 3 a doubleheader, and game 2 is suspended, the suspended game's resuming shall take the place of the first game of the day 3 doubleheader, and the replaced game is postponed as in Constitution Rule 2.1.10.

7. If a pitcher has one or more starts listed in the starts/limits file, they may be used as a starting pitcher in the IBL even if there is no SP fatigue rating on their card. Their starting pitcher BF rating should be considered to be the same as their relief pitcher BF rating. (Rusty Peltz, 2021-Jul-13)

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