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On a HG with bases loaded, give the defense the option to throw home for the force out instead of taking the DP.
With no outs and winning run on third, they need this option because the DP loses the game.
(Happened week 2 SEA@SDQ).
I'd suggest adding more possibilities for inside-the-park home runs. They are a pretty rare occurrence
(11 in regular season 2015 if my Retrosheet counting is right), but right now they can only happen
in foggy weather or parks with a turf surface, and it doesn't seem like that's enough,
even with the rarity of the play.
In regards to the HG with bases loaded, I'd give the defense the option of throwing home with -3 to the 
runner of 3rd baserunning, similar to the other runner on 3rd results.
Wild play 918-951 with bases empty may be a little ambiguous. I would suggest changing the "Otherwise" to 
"If neither have the HOT symbol".
I don't know if it's a chart suggestion or a card suggestion, but I'd suggest either changing
the two letter "Poor" designation from "Pr" to "Po", or the "Fair" one from "Fr" to "Fa". 
Fr and Pr can look very similar at a glance, which can lead to confusion, if only temporarily.
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