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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +October 16 (for week 25)
 +BOW     -- Activates CHA GarciaL., NYA Torreyes, CHN Edwards, NYA Kahnle
 +NYK     -- Deactivates CIN Winker, CLE Martin, LAN Turner, ATL Venters, LAN
 +PHI     -- Activates PHI Knapp
 +-- Deactivates PHI RamosW.
 +-- Signs PHI Knapp
 +-- Releases LAN Goeddel
 +SCS     -- Activates LAA Briceno
 Late week 24 Late week 24
 ------------ ------------
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 -- Releases SEA Herrmann -- Releases SEA Herrmann
 -- Activates MIA Chen -- Activates MIA Chen
 +GTY     -- Activates BAL Ramirez
 +LAD     -- Deactivates OAK Anderson
 +SCS     -- Activates SD Cordero, CHN Chatwood, OAK Casilla, SD Stock, TOR Pannone
 +SFP     -- Activates CHA Palka, OAK Barreto, PIT Stallings, LAA Pena
 +SLG     -- Activates ATL Duda, HOU Tucker, MIA Sierra, STL Kelly, LAN
 +Floro, NYA Loaisiga
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