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Transactions for 2019-01-17 to 2019-02-01

BOW    -- Trades SFP#4 (19) to NJR for WAS Difo
CAN    -- Trades SD Yates to NYK for CHN Heyward
KAT    -- Trades KAT#4 (19) to SFP for SF Holland
NJR    -- Trades WAS Difo to BOW for SFP#4 (19)
NYK    -- Trades CHN Heyward to CAN for SD Yates
SCS    -- Trades SCS#3 (19) to SFP for COL Gonzalez
-- Trades SCS#5 (20) to SEA for SEA#6 (19), SKY#7 (19), KAT#7 (19), SEA#7 
(19), SEA#8 (19)
SEA    -- Trades SEA#6 (19), SKY#7 (19), KAT#7 (19), SEA#7 (19), SEA#8 
(19) to SCS for SCS#5 (20)
SFP    -- Trades SF Holland to KAT for KAT#4 (19)
-- Trades COL Gonzalez to SCS for SCS#3 (19)

Transactions for 2019-01-11 to 2019-01-16

MAD    -- Trades NYA Gregorius to SKY for BAL#2 (19)
NJR    -- Trades NJR#1 (20), NJR#5 (20) to SFP for CHA Davidson, SFP#1 (20)
NYK    -- Trades TOR Hernandez to PAD for TEX Choo
PAD    -- Trades PAD#3 (20) to SDQ for TOR Pillar
-- Trades TEX Choo to NYK for TOR Hernandez
PHI    -- Drafts MIL Peralta 1st Round (19)
SDQ    -- Trades TOR Pillar to PAD for PAD#3 (20)
SFP    -- Trades CHA Davidson, SFP#1 (20) to NJR for NJR#1 (20), NJR#5 (20)
-- Drafts ATL Soroka 1st Round (19)
SKY    -- Trades BAL#2 (19) to MAD for NYA Gregorius
SNH    -- Drafts STL Mikolas 1st Round (19)

Transactions for 2019-01-04 to 2019-01-10

BAL     -- Trades CHN Schwarber to PAD for NYA Happ, CLE Hand
-- Trades BAL#8 (19), BAL#9 (19) to PAD for PAD#7 (20)
EDG     -- Trades CLE Martin to NYK for NYK#7 (19), NYK#8 (19), ODM#8 (19), 
NYK#9 (19)
GTY     -- Drafts MIL Burnes 1st Round (19)
-- Trades LAN Turner to NYK for SDQ#1 (19)
KAT     -- Trades EDG#7 (19), KAT#8 (19), KAT#9 (19) to ODM for ODM#6 (20)
-- Drafts TB Meadows 1st Round (19)
NYK     -- Trades NYK#7 (19), NYK#8 (19), ODM#8 (19), NYK#9 (19) to EDG for 
CLE Martin
-- Trades SDQ#1 (19) to GTY for LAN Turner
ODM     -- Trades ODM#6 (20) to KAT for EDG#7 (19), KAT#8 (19), KAT#9 (19)
PAD     -- Trades NYA Happ, CLE Hand to BAL for CHN Schwarber
-- Trades PAD#7 (20) to BAL for BAL#8 (19), BAL#9 (19)
SCS     -- Drafts CLE Bieber 1st Round (19)
SEA     -- Trades WAS Turner to SFP for LAN Pederson, EDG#1 (19)
-- Drafts SD Urias 1st Round (19)
SFP     -- Trades LAN Pederson, EDG#1 (19) to SEA for WAS Turner
SLG     -- Drafts HOU Tucker 1st Round (19)

Transactions for 2018-12-17 to 2019-01-03

BAL     -- Drafts NYA Andujar 1st Round (19)
-- Trades NYA Britton, BAL#1 (19) to KAT for PAD#1 (19)
BOW     -- Drafts ATL Acuna 1st Round (19)
CAN     -- Drafts TB Adames 1st Round (19)
-- Trades NYN Mesoraco to KAT for POR#4 (19)
GTY     -- Drafts SD Mejia 1st Round (19)
KAT     -- Trades PAD#1 (19) to BAL for NYA Britton, BAL#1 (19)
-- Trades KAT#1 (19) to NYK for MIN Garver, PAD#1 (19)
-- Trades POR#4 (19) to CAN for NYN Mesoraco
MAD     -- Drafts WAS Soto 1st Round (19)
MCM     -- Drafts LAN Muncy 1st Round (19)
NJR     -- Drafts LAA Ohtani 1st Round (19)
NYK     -- Drafts WAS Robles 1st Round (19)
-- Drafts LAN Buehler 1st Round (19)
-- Trades MIN Garver, PAD#1 (19) to KAT for KAT#1 (19)
SKY     -- Drafts NYA Torres 1st Round (19)

Transactions for 2018-12-11 to 2018-12-12

BAL     -- Releases BAL Rickard, BOS Hernandez, DET Adduci, BAL Asher
BOW     -- Releases CLE Urshela, PHI Florimon
CAN     -- Releases ARI Blanco, NYA Torreyes, WAS Lind, COL Rusin, NYN 
Montero, SEA Garton
COU     -- Releases OAK Maxwell, ATL Brothers, SD Richard, TOR Anderson, TOR Loup
EDG     -- Releases NYN d'Arnaud, BOS Scott, CLE Tomlin, KC Vargas, LAA 
Bridwell, LAA Ramirez, MIL Barnes, MIN Busenitz, PHI Leiter, STL Lyons
GTY     -- Releases OAK Powell, ATL Jackson, CHN Lackey, NYN Goeddel, SF 
Blach, TB Boxberger, WAS Solis
KAT     -- Releases ARI Hazelbaker, SEA Ramirez, STL Tuivailala, TB 
Andriese, WAS Kintzler
MAD     -- Trades POR#5 (19) to POR for POR#6 (19)
-- Releases BOS Nunez, MIA Straily, OAK Hendriks, SF Gearrin
MCM     -- Releases OAK Joyce, NYA Shreve, PIT Schugel, TOR Biagini, TOR Leone
NJR     -- Releases CHA GarciaW., SD Szczur, CHA Fulmer, CHN Butler, COL 
Hoffman, SEA Zych
NYK     -- Releases ARI Fuentes, ARI Mathis, LAA Cowart, NYA Cooper, PIT 
Osuna, SF Jones, MIL Peralta, OAK Axford, PHI Morgan
ODM     -- Releases DET Presley, LAA Phillips, PHI Nava, WAS Drew, ATL 
Dickey, CHA Farquhar, KC Moylan
PAD     -- Releases MIL Walker, KC Hammel, LAN McCarthy, TOR Barnes
PHI     -- Releases BAL Beckham, MIL Sogard, PHI Knapp, CLE Goody, MIA 
Despaigne, OAK Blackburn
POR     -- Releases CHA Infante, LAN Avilan, MIN Belisle, SEA Pagan, WAS Madson
-- Trades POR#6 (19) to MAD for POR#5 (19)
SCS     -- Releases KC Cuthbert, SEA Dyson, TOR Bautista, BOS Johnson, CHA 
Shields, CHN Duensing, NYN Bradford, OAK Graveman
SDQ     -- Releases ATL AdamsL., TB Morrison, TOR Montero, CLE McAllister
SEA     -- Releases NYA Headley
SFP     -- Releases PIT Luplow, TB Miller, ATL Wisler, DET Zimmermann, SEA 
SKY     -- Releases NYN Rivera, SD Asuaje, TB Hechavarria, BAL Castro, HOU 
Fiers, LAN Stewart, SD Lyles
SLG     -- Releases MIA Riddle, SF Williamson, TOR Carrera, ATL Ramirez, KC 
Karns, MIA Garcia, TB Jennings
SNH     -- Releases CLE Guyer, NYN Reyes, TEX Rua, CHN Grimm, CLE Olson, 
OAK Gossett, SF Okert
TRI     -- Releases LAA Escobar, MIA Prado, MIL Bandy, NYN Aoki, SEA Ruiz, 
MIN Duffey
WMS     -- Releases LAA Young, PIT Bostick, PIT Brault, SD Capps [UC 18]
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