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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +October 30 (for week 27)
 +COU -- Deactivates HOU James, MIN Moya
 +MCM -- Deactivates CLE Carrasco
 + -- Activates HOU McCann
 +NJR -- Deactivates ATL Flowers, BOS Pearce, ATL Carle, HOU Smith, LAA Ohtani, PIT Musgrove, SEA Paxton, WAS Hellickson
 +PHI -- Deactivates PIT Diaz
 + -- Releases COL Holliday
 + -- Signs BAL Joseph
 + -- Activates BAL Joseph
 +POR -- Activates STL DeJong
 +SLG -- Signs SF Tomlinson
 + -- Releases ATL Duda
 + -- Activates SF Tomlinson
 +October 23 (for week 26)
 +KAT -- Activates CHN LaStella, COL Butera
 +MCM -- Deactivates CIN Suarez
 +NJR -- Activates LAN Stripling
 +SEA -- Activates PHI Quinn [UC18]
 + -- Deactivates COL Tauchman, SD Urias, CHN Darvish
 +SLG -- Activates NYN Plawecki
 +TRI -- Deactivates LAN Seager
 + -- Activates DET Candelario, MIL Woodruff
 + -- Deactivates OAK Joyce
 +October 16 (for week 25)
 +BOW     -- Activates CHA GarciaL., NYA Torreyes, CHN Edwards, NYA Kahnle
 +NYK     -- Deactivates CIN Winker, CLE Martin, LAN Turner, ATL Venters, LAN
 +PHI     -- Activates PHI Knapp
 +-- Deactivates PHI RamosW.
 +-- Signs PHI Knapp
 +-- Releases LAN Goeddel
 +SCS     -- Activates LAA Briceno
 +Late week 24
 +COU     -- Signs MIA Chen
 +-- Releases SEA Herrmann
 +-- Activates MIA Chen
 +GTY     -- Activates BAL Ramirez
 +LAD     -- Deactivates OAK Anderson
 +SCS     -- Activates SD Cordero, CHN Chatwood, OAK Casilla, SD Stock, TOR Pannone
 +SFP     -- Activates CHA Palka, OAK Barreto, PIT Stallings, LAA Pena
 +SLG     -- Activates ATL Duda, HOU Tucker, MIA Sierra, STL Kelly, LAN
 +Floro, NYA Loaisiga
 +October 9 (for week 24)
 +BAL     -- Activates BAL Santander, CHA Castillo, CHA RondonJ., CIN 
 +Herrera, MIA O'​Brien,​ PHI Williams, HOU Sipp, OAK Fiers, OAK Kelley, PHI 
 +-- Releases NYN Gsellman
 +-- Trades BAL#6 (20) to OXY for PHI Williams
 +BOW     -- Activates ATL Santana, BOS Nunez, CLE Davis, ATL FreemanS., BOS Poyner
 +CAN     -- Activates ATL Rivera, CLE Zimmer, NYA Wade, NYN Cespedes, OAK 
 +Martini, ARI Ray, ATL Toussaint, CHN Kintzler
 +COU     -- Signs SF Hernandez
 +-- Releases MIN Granite [UC 19]
 +-- Activates SEA Herrmann, SF Hernandez, TEX Beltre, ARI Buchholz, MIN 
 +Mejia, MIN Moya
 +EDG     -- Trades EDG#4 (20), MIL Chacin, COL Iannetta to POR for COL 
 +Murphy, TRI#9 (20)
 +-- Signs ATL Biddle
 +-- Releases SF Blach
 +-- Activates CLE Kipnis, COL Murphy, NYA Higashioka, PIT Osuna, ATL Biddle, ​
 +BAL Castro, CHN Hendricks, HOU Rondon, PIT Santana, WAS Milone
 +-- Trades PHI Bautista, EDG#5 (20) to MCM for CLE Kipnis
 +-- Signs NYA Higashioka
 +GTY     -- Releases TB Kittredge, TOR Reid-Foley
 +-- Signs BOS Leon
 +-- Deactivates WAS Wieters
 +-- Activates BOS Leon, CHN Russell, KC Soler, NYA Frazier, TOR McGuire, ATL 
 +Fried, CHN Rosario, LAA Barria, MIA Alcantara, STL Brebbia, STL Gomber
 +-- Signs BAL Ramirez
 +KAT     -- Activates ARI Dyson, PIT Newman, BAL Cobb, MIA Wittgren, STL Hudson
 +-- Signs COL Butera
 +LAD     -- Activates CIN Blandino, OAK Phegley, MIA Peters, MIN Littell, ​
 +OAK Anderson, TEX PerezM.
 +-- Deactivates TOR Urshela
 +MAD     -- Activates DET Cabrera, PIT Moran, STL O'​Neill,​ TEX Odor, COL 
 +Oberg, HOU Harris, LAN Alexander, MIA Garcia, SD Richard, STL Bowman
 +MCM     -- Trades CLE Kipnis to EDG for PHI Bautista, EDG#5 (20)
 +-- Activates PHI Bautista, TB Gomez, MIN Gibson, PHI Morgan
 +-- Releases TOR Morales
 +-- Signs TB Gomez
 +NJR     -- Releases CHA Davidson
 +-- Signs COL Musgrave
 +-- Activates TB Perez, TOR Maile, TOR Smith, COL Bettis, COL Musgrave, HOU 
 +Smith, SEA Paxton, SEA Vincent
 +NYK     -- Activates CLE Martin, LAN Turner, TB Lowe, WAS Robles, SD Yates, ​
 +STL MartinezC.
 +OXY     -- Signs SEA Romine
 +-- Signs PIT Kingham
 +-- Trades PHI Williams to BAL for BAL#6 (20)
 +-- Releases PIT Kramer, SF Shaw
 +-- Activates DET Reyes, NYN Gonzalez, PIT Luplow, SEA Romine, STL Fowler, ​
 +ATL Jackson, CHA Bummer, LAA Richards, OAK Hendriks, PIT Kingham
 +-- Signs NYN Gonzalez
 +PHI     -- Activates BAL Gentry, BAL Stewart, COL Holliday, HOU White, NYN 
 +McNeil, ATL Newcomb, LAN Goeddel, MIL Cedeno, MIN Gonsalves, WAS Doolittle
 +POR     -- Activates COL Iannetta, KC Escobar, SD Ellis, SD Jankowski, TOR 
 +Jansen, CHN Wilson, ​ HOU Valdez, LAA Cole, MIL Chacin, TOR Borucki
 +-- Trades MIL Pina to TRI for SD Jankowski, KC Escobar
 +-- Trades COL Murphy, TRI#9 (20) to EDG for EDG#4 (20), MIL Chacin, COL 
 +-- Releases TEX Barnette, WAS Holland
 +-- Deactivates STL DeJong, HOU McCullers
 +SDQ     -- Activates CLE Chisenhall, MIL Schoop, NYN Nido, SD Renfroe, CIN 
 +Reed, KC Fillmyer, PHI Garcia
 +SEA     -- Activates LAN Farmer, NYN Lagares, PIT RodriguezS.,​ CHN Darvish, ​
 +KC Duffy, SD Nix, SD Perdomo
 +SKY     -- Deactivates SD Lucchesi
 +-- Activates DET Kozma, PIT Cervelli, TOR Tellez, CIN Mahle, CLE Kluber, ​
 +COL Anderson, LAN Cingrani, PHI Velasquez
 +-- Trades TOR Stroman, SKY#3 (20) to WMS for CLE Kluber, WMS#5 (20)
 +SNH     -- Activates ARI Souza, MIA Cooper, MIN Castro, BAL Fry, BOS 
 +Johnson, LAA Shoemaker, SF Cueto, TEX Moore
 +TRI     -- Activates COL McMahon, DET Hicks, LAN Verdugo, MIL Pina, WAS 
 +Kieboom, BOS Hembree, CIN Harvey, DET Fulmer, TOR Biagini
 +-- Trades SD Jankowski, KC Escobar to POR for MIL Pina
 +-- Signs BOS Hembree
 +WMS     -- Deactivates MIL Lyles
 +-- Activates MIN Buxton, MIN Mauer, SF Garcia, COL Shaw, LAN Baez, LAN 
 +Hudson, MIA Urena, MIL Albers, TOR Stroman
 +-- Trades CLE Kluber, WMS#5 (20) to SKY for TOR Stroman, SKY#3 (20)
 +Late week 23
 +COU     -- Activates HOU James, PHI Arano
 +-- Deactivates NYA Cessa, STL Wacha
 +October 2 (for week 23)
 +BAL     -- Activates TEX Guzman, NYA Robertson, STL Poncedeleon
 +-- Deactivates KC Goodwin, HOU Sipp
 +-- Trades ARI Bradley to TRI for OAK Kelley
 +BOW     -- Deactivates CHA GarciaL., NYA Torreyes, CHN Edwards, NYA Kahnle
 +-- Activates LAA Fletcher, NYN Bruce, NYN Wheeler, TB Castillo
 +-- Releases BOS Hembree
 +-- Trades BOW#4 (20), BOW#8 (20) to KAT for TB Castillo
 +EDG     -- Activates MIA Riddle, CHN Hamels
 +-- Deactivates PIT Osuna, HOU Rondon
 +KAT     -- Activates PIT Polanco, MIN Stewart
 +-- Deactivates CHN LaStella, BAL Cashner
 +-- Trades TB Castillo to BOW for BOW#4 (20), BOW#8 (20)
 +-- Activates NYA Hechavarria
 +LAD     -- Deactivates MIN Littell, OAK Anderson
 +-- Releases KC Goins
 +-- Signs LAN Chargois
 +-- Activates TOR Urshela, LAN Chargois, MIL Guerra
 +MAD     -- Activates LAN Maeda, MIL Soria
 +-- Deactivates COL Oberg, MIA Garcia
 +MCM     -- Signs TOR Morales
 +-- Deactivates MIN Gibson
 +-- Activates TOR Morales, TOR Mayza
 +-- Releases ATL Biddle
 +NJR     -- Deactivates WAS Rendon
 +-- Activates CLE Gonzalez
 +NYK     -- Signs TEX Springs
 +-- Activates TEX Springs
 +-- Releases MIL Jennings
 +OXY     -- Deactivates DET Reyes, CHA Bummer, LAA Richards, OAK Hendriks
 +-- Signs BAL Hess
 +-- Signs MIL Miller
 +-- Releases LAA Hermosillo, MIA Rivera
 +-- Activates HOU Davis, HOU Marisnick, MIL Miller, BAL Hess, WAS Suero
 +PHI     -- Deactivates ATL Newcomb
 +-- Activates COL Senzatela
 +POR     -- Deactivates CHN Wilson, WAS Holland
 +-- Activates CLE PerezO., PIT Nova
 +SCS     -- Activates ARI Boxberger, OAK Bassitt [UC18]
 +-- Deactivates MIL Miley, SF Smith [UC18]
 +SKY     -- Signs DET Kozma
 +SLG     -- Deactivates MIA Sierra
 +-- Activates MIL Cain
 +SNH     -- Activates LAN Hill
 +-- Deactivates STL Wainwright
 +-- Releases OAK Dull
 +-- Signs BOS Johnson
 +TRI     -- Trades OAK Kelley to BAL for ARI Bradley
 +-- Activates BOS Betts, ARI Bradley
 +-- Deactivates DET Candelario
 +Late week 22
 +COU     -- Activates CHA Minaya, CLE AllenC., STL Wacha
 +-- Deactivates BOS Rodriguez, MIN Mejia, MIN Moya
 +SCS     -- Signs NYN Lobaton
 +-- Releases DET Machado
 +-- Activates NYN Lobaton
 +-- Deactivates LAA Briceno
 +September 18 (for week 22)
 +BAL     -- Activates WAS Eaton, ATL Gausman, NYN Gsellman
 +-- Deactivates BAL Santander, MIA O'​Brien,​ OAK Fiers
 +BOW     -- Releases SEA Negron
 +-- Deactivates LAA Fletcher
 +-- Activates NYA Torreyes
 +-- Signs BOS Poyner
 +CAN     -- Deactivates NYA Wade, NYN Cespedes, ATL Toussaint
 +-- Activates CHN Heyward, TB Robertson, LAN Ferguson
 +EDG     -- Activates MIL Chacin
 +-- Deactivates BAL Castro
 +KAT     -- Activates BOS Workman, KC Lopez
 +-- Deactivates BAL Cobb, STL Hudson
 +LAD     -- Releases BOS Travis
 +-- Activates TB Faria
 +-- Deactivates MIA Peters
 +-- Signs TB Faria
 +MAD     -- Activates HOU Reddick
 +-- Deactivates STL O'​Neill
 +MCM     -- Deactivates MIN Sano
 +-- Activates SF Hanson
 +NYK     -- Deactivates LAN Turner, SD Yates
 +-- Activates STL Wong, WAS Reynolds
 +OXY     -- Signs MIA Rivera
 +-- Activates MIA Rivera, PIT Kramer, MIA Lopez, OAK Hendriks
 +-- Deactivates LAA Hermosillo
 +-- Signs SF Shaw
 +-- Releases NYN Gonzalez, SEA Romine, BAL Hess
 +-- Signs PIT Kramer
 +PHI     -- Signs COL Holliday
 +-- Signs BAL Stewart
 +-- Signs LAN Goeddel
 +-- Releases NYA Higashioka, NYN Guillorme, STL Wisdom
 +-- Activates CIN Hernandez
 +-- Deactivates MIN Gonsalves
 +POR     -- Releases MIL Miller
 +-- Activates COL Murphy, MIL Thames, MIL Jeffress
 +-- Deactivates MIL Pina, TEX Barnette
 +-- Trades POR#3 (20) to TRI for MIL Jeffress, TRI#9 (20)
 +SEA     -- Signs MIA Steckenrider
 +-- Activates BAL Beckham, WAS Stevenson, MIA Steckenrider,​ NYA Gray
 +-- Deactivates LAN Farmer, PHI Quinn [UC18], SD Nix
 +-- Releases CIN Wisler
 +SKY     -- Trades CHA GarciaA., DET Stewart to SLG for OAK Piscotty
 +SLG     -- Activates ARI Walker, CHA GarciaA., DET Stewart, SF Black
 +-- Releases SD Pirela
 +-- Trades OAK Piscotty to SKY for CHA GarciaA., DET Stewart
 +-- Deactivates STL Kelly, LAN Floro
 +TRI     -- Trades MIL Jeffress, TRI#9 (20) to POR for POR#3 (20)
 +-- Signs DET Greiner
 +-- Activates DET Greiner, LAN Seager, MIN Forsythe, SEA Elias, TB Chirinos
 +-- Deactivates COL McMahon, KC Escobar, WAS Kieboom, MIL Woodruff
 +WMS     -- Deactivates MIN Mauer, MIA Urena
 +-- Activates NYN SmithDo., STL Weaver
 +September 11 (for week 21)
 +BOW     -- Trades BOS Porcello to POR for POR#4 (20)
 +-- Deactivates NYN Bruce, NYN Wheeler
 +-- Activates CHA GarciaL., HOU Devenski, KC Keller
 +-- Signs CLE Davis
 +CAN     -- Deactivates ARI Ray, CHN Kintzler
 +-- Activates ATL Toussaint, MIL Gonzalez
 +EDG     -- Activates NYA Judge, TOR Smoak
 +-- Deactivates CHN Hamels, CHN Hendricks
 +GTY     -- Deactivates TOR Reid-Foley
 +-- Activates TOR McGuire, CIN Garrett
 +-- Trades SF Watson to SNH for CIN Garrett
 +KAT     -- Activates CHN LaStella, OAK Manaea
 +-- Signs KC Lopez
 +-- Releases KC Skoglund
 +-- Deactivates PIT Polanco
 +LAD     -- Signs BAL Trumbo
 +-- Activates BAL Trumbo, WAS Severino, CLE Miller, MIA Peters
 +-- Deactivates BOS Travis, OAK Phegley
 +-- Signs CIN Blandino
 +-- Releases BOS Johnson, TB Faria
 +MAD     -- Deactivates TEX Odor, LAN Maeda, MIL Soria
 +-- Activates CLE Alonso, ARI Bracho, TB Roe
 +MCM     -- Activates HOU Pressly, NYN Matz
 +-- Trades MIA Dean, SF Black, MCM#3 (20) to SLG for HOU Pressly, LAN 
 +Fields, SLG#6 (20)
 +-- Deactivates HOU McCann, TOR Mayza
 +NJR     -- Deactivates TOR Maile, HOU Smith, LAN Stripling
 +-- Releases BAL Stewart
 +-- Signs BOS Swihart
 +-- Activates BOS Swihart [UC18], KC Kennedy, PHI Neris
 +NYK     -- Activates ATL Venters, MIL Jennings
 +-- Deactivates TB Lowe
 +-- Releases LAN Axford
 +-- Signs MIL Jennings
 +OXY     -- Activates NYN Gonzalez, BAL Hess
 +-- Signs NYN Gonzalez
 +-- Signs SEA Romine
 +-- Signs BAL Hess
 +-- Releases BAL Valera, PIT Kramer, SF Shaw
 +-- Activates SEA Romine
 +-- Deactivates PHI Williams, PIT Luplow
 +PHI     -- Activates MIL Arcia, SD Villanueva, SF Belt, MIL Peralta, MIN 
 +-- Deactivates HOU White, NYN McNeil, STL Wisdom, MIL Cedeno, WAS Doolittle
 +POR     -- Trades POR#4 (20) to BOW for BOS Porcello
 +-- Activates ARI Avila, ATL Winkler, BOS Porcello, TEX Barnette
 +-- Deactivates TOR Jansen, HOU Valdez, TOR Borucki
 +-- Releases LAN Goeddel
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates MIL Schoop, SD Renfroe, OAK Mengden, PHI Garcia
 +-- Activates ATL Duvall, DET Lugo, CIN Lorenzen, WAS Rodriguez
 +SKY     -- Activates ARI Murphy, DET Stewart, PHI Bour, DET Hardy, SD Lucchesi
 +-- Deactivates PIT Cervelli, TOR Tellez, CIN Mahle, COL Anderson, LAN 
 +-- Releases MIA Steckenrider
 +-- Signs ARI Murphy
 +SLG     -- Activates MIA Dean, STL Kelly, SD Lauer
 +-- Trades HOU Pressly, LAN Fields, SLG#6 (20) to MCM for MIA Dean, SF 
 +Black, MCM#3 (20)
 +-- Deactivates MIL Cain
 +SNH     -- Deactivates MIN Castro, CHA Fulmer
 +-- Trades CIN Garrett to GTY for SF Watson
 +-- Activates HOU Stassi, MIN Romero, SF Watson
 +WMS     -- Activates BAL Gilmartin
 +-- Releases TB Nuno
 +-- Signs BAL Gilmartin
 +Late week 20
 +GTY     -- Activates TOR Reid-Foley
 +-- Deactivates TOR McGuire
 +NYK     -- Activates PHI Crawford
 +-- Deactivates STL Wong
 +SFP     -- Activates TB Arroyo
 +-- Deactivates BOS Pomeranz
 +TRI     -- Activates MIL Woodruff, ARI Pollock
 +-- Deactivates DET Fulmer, BOS Betts
 +September 4 (for week 20)
 +BAL     -- Trades BAL#1 (20) to GTY for OAK Pinder, NYA German, HOU Sipp
 +-- Deactivates CHA Castillo
 +-- Activates BAL Wynns
 +-- Releases BAL Trumbo
 +-- Signs BAL Wynns
 +-- Deactivates CHA RondonJ., ATL Gausman, NYA Robertson, NYN Gsellman
 +-- Activates OAK Pinder, HOU Sipp, MIN May, NYA German
 +-- Releases BAL Wynns, MIL Broxton, SEA Warren
 +CAN     -- Activates PHI Arrieta
 +-- Deactivates MIL Gonzalez
 +-- Deactivates CLE Zimmer
 +-- Activates KC Phillips
 +EDG     -- Activates NYA Hicks, NYN Vargas, TOR Giles
 +-- Deactivates BAL Rickard, MIA Riddle, PIT Santana
 +GTY     -- Signs TB Pruitt
 +-- Activates TEX Fister
 +-- Deactivates ATL Fried
 +-- Activates CHA Delmonico, TB Pruitt
 +-- Signs TEX Fister
 +-- Trades OAK Pinder, NYA German, HOU Sipp to BAL for BAL#1 (20)
 +-- Signs CHA Delmonico
 +KAT     -- Deactivates MIA Wittgren
 +-- Activates KC Skoglund
 +LAD     -- Activates CHA Narvaez, KC Cuthbert, TOR Gaviglio
 +-- Deactivates MIL Guerra
 +-- Signs KC Cuthbert
 +-- Releases BOS Leon, TOR Solarte
 +-- Signs TOR Gaviglio
 +MAD     -- Deactivates HOU Reddick, PIT Moran, HOU Harris
 +-- Activates STL Munoz, STL O'​Neill,​ COL Oberg
 +MCM     -- Deactivates SEA Zunino, OAK Cahill, PHI Morgan
 +-- Activates LAN Barnes, MIN Duffey, STL Gant
 +NJR     -- Trades LAA Calhoun, NJR#4 (20) to SCS for BOS Pearce, COL 
 +Gonzalez, CHA LaMarre
 +-- Releases BOS Lin, BOS Swihart [UC 18]
 +-- Activates BOS Pearce, CHA LaMarre, COL Gonzalez, TOR Maile, ATL Carle
 +-- Deactivates CHA Davidson, TB Perez, TOR Smith, SEA Vincent
 +NYK     -- Signs LAN Axford
 +-- Releases TOR Morales
 +-- Activates LAN Axford
 +-- Deactivates WAS Reynolds
 +PHI     -- Signs NYA Higashioka
 +-- Trades CIN Barnhart, CIN Lorenzen, TB Romo, BAL Nunez to SDQ for PHI 
 +RamosW., SD Villanueva
 +-- Signs NYN Guillorme
 +-- Activates PHI RamosW.
 +POR     -- Deactivates COL Murphy, TEX Barnette
 +-- Activates TOR Jansen, HOU Valdez
 +SCS     -- Signs ARI Boxberger
 +-- Activates MIA Rojas, PIT Dickerson, MIL Miley
 +-- Deactivates DET Machado, SD Cordero, SF Melancon
 +-- Trades BOS Pearce, COL Gonzalez, CHA LaMarre to NJR for LAA Calhoun, ​
 +NJR#4 (20)
 +-- Signs SD Stock
 +-- Activates LAA Calhoun
 +SDQ     -- Trades PHI RamosW., SD Villanueva to PHI for CIN Barnhart, CIN 
 +Lorenzen, TB Romo, BAL Nunez
 +-- Releases TB Gomez, MIA Guerrero
 +-- Activates BAL Nunez, CIN Barnhart, TB Romo
 +SEA     -- Activates COL Tauchman, SD Urias
 +-- Deactivates BAL Beckham
 +-- Activates DET Rodriguez
 +-- Signs NYN Lagares
 +-- Signs WAS Stevenson
 +-- Releases MIA Wallach, PIT Reyes
 +-- Deactivates NYA Gray, SD Perdomo
 +SLG     -- Deactivates CHN Murphy
 +-- Activates KC McCarthy
 +SNH     -- Deactivates BAL Villar
 +-- Activates OAK Dull
 +WMS     -- Deactivates LAN Hudson, MIL Albers
 +-- Activates MIL Lyles, WAS Miller
 +Late week 19
 +KAT     -- Activates BAL Cobb, NYA Britton
 +-- Deactivates MIN Stewart, NYA Montgomery
 +SEA     -- Activates DET Rodriguez
 +-- Deactivates BAL Beckham
 +SLG     -- Activates OAK Lucroy
 +-- Deactivates NYN Plawecki
 +TRI     -- Activates COL McMahon, OAK Joyce
 +-- Deactivates ARI Pollock, MIN Forsythe
 +August 28 (for week 19)
 +BAL     -- Deactivates WAS Eaton
 +-- Activates KC Goodwin
 +BOW     -- Deactivates CHA GarciaL., BOS Hembree, KC Keller
 +-- Activates NYN Bruce, BOS Porcello, NYA Kahnle
 +EDG     -- Deactivates PHI Bautista, TOR Smoak, MIL Chacin
 +-- Activates STL Adams, CIN Bailey, MIL Suter
 +KAT     -- Signs KC Skoglund
 +-- Activates OAK Petit, STL Hudson
 +-- Trades PHI Dominguez, MIL Cedeno, KC O'​Hearn,​ KAT#7 (20), KAT#8 (20), 
 +KAT#9 (20) to PHI for STL Hudson, OAK Petit, PHI#5 (20)
 +LAD     -- Activates OAK Phegley, CIN Romano
 +-- Deactivates WAS Severino, MIA Peters
 +MAD     -- Signs ARI Bracho
 +-- Trades HOU McHugh, STL Bader to PHI for BOS Bradley, PHI#6 (20)
 +-- Activates BOS Bradley, MIA Smith
 +-- Deactivates LAN Alexander
 +MCM     -- Activates DET Wilson
 +-- Deactivates NYN Matz
 +NJR     -- Activates LAN Stripling, WAS Hellickson
 +-- Deactivates KC Kennedy, PHI Neris
 +NYK     -- Activates SD Yates
 +-- Deactivates DET Norris
 +OXY     -- Trades MIL Shaw to PHI for SEA Seager
 +-- Deactivates HOU Davis, HOU Marisnick, MIA Lopez
 +-- Activates OAK Fowler, SEA Seager, WAS Kendrick, LAA Richards
 +PHI     -- Trades SF Panik, CLE PerezR., PHI#1 (20) to SFP for PIT Diaz, TB 
 +Stanek, TB Smith, SFP#4 (20), SFP#5 (20)
 +-- Releases KC Cuthbert, NYA Higashioka, NYN Blevins
 +-- Activates KC O'​Hearn,​ MIL Shaw, PIT Diaz, STL Bader, TB Smith, HOU 
 +McHugh, MIL Cedeno, PHI Dominguez, TB Stanek
 +-- Trades SEA Seager to OXY for MIL Shaw
 +-- Trades BOS Bradley, PHI#6 (20) to MAD for HOU McHugh, STL Bader
 +-- Trades STL Hudson, OAK Petit, PHI#5 (20) to KAT for PHI Dominguez, MIL 
 +Cedeno, KC O'​Hearn,​ KAT#7 (20), KAT#8 (20), KAT#9 (20)
 +-- Deactivates BAL Gentry, SF Belt, CIN Hernandez, COL Senzatela
 +POR     -- Activates COL Murphy, MIL Sogard, LAN Goeddel, TEX Barnette
 +-- Deactivates MIL Thames, SD Ellis, ATL Winkler, CLE PerezO.
 +SCS     -- Signs WAS Difo
 +-- Deactivates NYA Sanchez, PIT Dickerson, TOR Pannone
 +-- Activates CLE Naquin, HOU Gattis, WAS Difo
 +-- Releases BAL Valencia
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates CIN Reed, WAS Rodriguez
 +-- Activates CHA Rodon, LAA Parker
 +SEA     -- Activates NYA Bird, TEX Chirinos, WAS Strasburg
 +-- Deactivates KC Duffy
 +-- Signs DET Rodriguez
 +-- Releases MIN Morrison
 +-- Trades NYA Betances, WAS Zimmerman, SEA#5 (20) to SKY for COL Tauchman, ​
 +TEX Chirinos
 +SFP     -- Signs DET Zimmermann
 +-- Trades PIT Diaz, TB Stanek, TB Smith, SFP#4 (20), SFP#5 (20) to PHI for 
 +SF Panik, CLE PerezR., PHI#1 (20)
 +-- Signs ARI Andriese
 +-- Activates CLE PerezR., KC Gordon, SF Panik, ARI Andriese, CIN DeSclafani ​
 +[UC18], DET Zimmermann
 +-- Deactivates CHA Palka, OAK Barreto, OAK Montas
 +SKY     -- Trades COL Tauchman, TEX Chirinos to SEA for NYA Betances, WAS 
 +Zimmerman, SEA#5 (20)
 +-- Activates WAS Zimmerman, CIN Mahle, NYA Betances
 +-- Deactivates CHN Chavez, DET Hardy
 +SLG     -- Activates MIA Sierra
 +-- Deactivates HOU Tucker
 +SNH     -- Activates SD Myers
 +-- Deactivates ARI Souza
 +WMS     -- Activates KC Gallagher
 +-- Deactivates SF Garcia
 +August 21 (for week 18)
 +BAL     -- Deactivates TEX Guzman, PHI Eflin, SEA Warren
 +-- Activates SEA Healy, ARI Bradley, ATL Gausman
 +BOW     -- Deactivates HOU Devenski
 +-- Releases ARI Murphy, WAS Difo
 +-- Signs PIT Harrison
 +-- Activates MIL Kratz, PIT Harrison, HOU Osuna
 +-- Signs MIL Kratz
 +CAN     -- Deactivates CHN Heyward, ATL Toussaint, PHI Arrieta
 +-- Activates CLE Zimmer, BOS Sale, SD Strahm
 +EDG     -- Deactivates NYA Hicks, NYN Vargas, TOR Giles
 +-- Activates PIT Osuna, MIL Chacin, SD Castillo
 +GTY     -- Releases LAN Chargois
 +-- Deactivates CHN Russell, LAA Barria, STL Brebbia, STL Gomber
 +-- Activates SF Longoria, LAA Skaggs, MIL Burnes, TB Kittredge, TOR 
 +-- Signs CHN Rosario
 +KAT     -- Activates MIN Adrianza, MIA Wittgren, MIN Stewart, NYA Montgomery
 +-- Releases KC Lopez
 +-- Deactivates PIT Newman, BOS Eovaldi [UC18], BOS Workman
 +-- Signs BAL Cobb
 +-- Trades SF Holland, LAD#6 (20) to SKY for MIN Adrianza
 +LAD     -- Releases TOR Travis
 +-- Deactivates PIT Kuhl, SEA Tuivailala
 +-- Signs MIN Littell
 +-- Activates BOS Travis, MIA Peters, MIN Littell
 +MAD     -- Activates HOU Harris, STL Webb, TB Wood
 +-- Deactivates CLE Alonso, HOU McHugh, STL Bowman
 +MCM     -- Releases CIN Peralta
 +-- Trades MCM#5 (20) to SCS for OAK Lowrie
 +-- Activates MIN Astudillo, OAK Lowrie, PHI Morgan
 +-- Deactivates SF Hanson, MIN Duffey, STL Gant
 +NJR     -- Trades DET Greene, SF Samardzija to TRI for WAS Hellickson, BAL Givens
 +-- Activates BAL Givens
 +-- Deactivates ATL Carle
 +PHI     -- Activates STL Wisdom, NYN Blevins, TB Font
 +-- Deactivates BAL Nunez, MIL Arcia, TB Romo
 +POR     -- Activates MIL Pina, WAS Grace
 +-- Deactivates ARI Avila, PIT Nova
 +SCS     -- Deactivates MIA Rojas
 +-- Trades OAK Lowrie to MCM for MCM#5 (20)
 +-- Signs DET Machado
 +-- Signs DET Farmer
 +-- Releases SD Stock
 +-- Activates DET Machado, DET Farmer
 +-- Activates LAA Ward
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates MIL Davies
 +-- Activates CIN Reed
 +SFP     -- Deactivates TB Arroyo, LAA Pena
 +-- Activates MIN Magill, PIT Kela
 +-- Signs MIN Magill
 +SKY     -- Deactivates SD Lucchesi
 +-- Trades MIN Adrianza to KAT for SF Holland, LAD#6 (20)
 +-- Activates SF Holland, TB Snell
 +-- Deactivates PHI Velasquez
 +-- Activates LAN Cingrani
 +SLG     -- Deactivates SD Lauer
 +-- Activates MIA Richards
 +SNH     -- Deactivates BAL Fry
 +-- Activates TOR Gurriel
 +TRI     -- Deactivates CIN Harvey
 +-- Activates DET Greene, SF Samardzija
 +-- Trades WAS Hellickson, BAL Givens to NJR for DET Greene, SF Samardzija
 +Late week 17
 +SCS     -- Activates SF Melancon
 +-- Deactivates CHN Chatwood
 +TRI     -- Activates LAN Garcia, LAN Wood
 +-- Deactivates SEA Elias, TB Chirinos
 +August 14 (for week 17)
 +BAL     -- Activates BAL Santander, HOU Altuve
 +-- Deactivates CIN Herrera, KC Goodwin
 +BOW     -- Signs SEA Negron
 +-- Deactivates ATL FreemanS., BOS Porcello
 +-- Activates HOU Devenski, MIL Anderson
 +-- Releases CHA Tilson
 +CAN     -- Deactivates KC Phillips, OAK Martini, LAN Ferguson
 +-- Activates HOU Fisher, NYN Cespedes, ATL Toussaint
 +COU     -- Releases NYN Bashlor, SD Maton
 +-- Trades COU#5 (20) to SFP for CHA Minaya, COL Oh, SFP#7 (20)
 +-- Deactivates ARI Buchholz, HOU James
 +-- Activates COL Oh, MIN Mejia, MIN Moya
 +EDG     -- Activates NYN Syndergaard
 +-- Deactivates MIL Suter
 +KAT     -- Deactivates KC O'​Hearn,​ NYA Britton
 +-- Activates TB Meadows, BOS Workman
 +LAD     -- Activates SF Strickland, TEX Jurado
 +-- Signs BOS Travis
 +-- Releases BAL Scott
 +-- Deactivates CIN Romano
 +MAD     -- Activates CHA Fry, LAN Maeda
 +-- Deactivates COL Oberg, SD Richard
 +MCM     -- Activates STL Gant
 +-- Deactivates DET Wilson
 +NJR     -- Activates KC Kennedy
 +-- Deactivates SEA Paxton
 +NYK     -- Activates LAN Turner, WAS Reynolds, DET VerHagen, OAK Treinen
 +-- Deactivates PHI Crawford, TOR Morales, SD Yates, STL MartinezC.
 +OXY     -- Activates CHA Bummer, LAA Robles, MIA Lopez
 +-- Deactivates ATL Jackson, OAK Hendriks, WAS Suero
 +PHI     -- Signs TB Font
 +-- Signs NYN Blevins
 +-- Signs NYA Higashioka
 +-- Activates COL Senzatela
 +-- Deactivates MIL Peralta
 +-- Releases DET Greiner, KC Sparkman, TEX Sampson
 +POR     -- Activates ATL Winkler, TOR Borucki
 +-- Deactivates LAA Cole, TEX Barnette
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates ATL Duvall, LAA Parker
 +-- Activates PIT Marte, WAS Rodriguez
 +SEA     -- Signs CIN Wisler
 +-- Signs MIN Morrison
 +-- Signs SD Nix
 +-- Releases DET Rodriguez, NYN Lagares, COL McGee
 +-- Activates MIN Morrison, OAK Laureano, CIN Wisler, SD Nix
 +-- Deactivates NYA Bird, PIT RodriguezS.
 +SFP     -- Activates KC Bonifacio, SF Stratton
 +-- Signs SF Stratton
 +-- Trades CHA Minaya, COL Oh, SFP#7 (20) to COU for COU#5 (20)
 +-- Trades DET Hardy to SKY for SKY#5 (20)
 +-- Activates LAA Pena
 +SKY     -- Deactivates CIN Mahle
 +-- Activates DET Hardy
 +-- Releases BAL Mullins
 +-- Trades SKY#5 (20) to SFP for DET Hardy
 +SLG     -- Deactivates ARI Walker, KC McCarthy
 +-- Activates BAL Wilkerson, LAN Floro
 +SNH     -- Activates OAK Buchter
 +-- Deactivates MIN Romero
 +WMS     -- Deactivates MIN Buxton, NYN SmithDo., LAN Baez, STL Weaver
 +-- Activates MIN Mauer, TOR Drury, PHI RamosE., SEA Gonzales
 July 31 (for week 16) July 31 (for week 16)
 --------------------- ---------------------
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