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 +August 14 (for week 17)
 +BAL     -- Activates BAL Santander, HOU Altuve
 +-- Deactivates CIN Herrera, KC Goodwin
 +BOW     -- Signs SEA Negron
 +-- Deactivates ATL FreemanS., BOS Porcello
 +-- Activates HOU Devenski, MIL Anderson
 +-- Releases CHA Tilson
 +CAN     -- Deactivates KC Phillips, OAK Martini, LAN Ferguson
 +-- Activates HOU Fisher, NYN Cespedes, ATL Toussaint
 +COU     -- Releases NYN Bashlor, SD Maton
 +-- Trades COU#5 (20) to SFP for CHA Minaya, COL Oh, SFP#7 (20)
 +-- Deactivates ARI Buchholz, HOU James
 +-- Activates COL Oh, MIN Mejia, MIN Moya
 +EDG     -- Activates NYN Syndergaard
 +-- Deactivates MIL Suter
 +KAT     -- Deactivates KC O'​Hearn,​ NYA Britton
 +-- Activates TB Meadows, BOS Workman
 +LAD     -- Activates SF Strickland, TEX Jurado
 +-- Signs BOS Travis
 +-- Releases BAL Scott
 +-- Deactivates CIN Romano
 +MAD     -- Activates CHA Fry, LAN Maeda
 +-- Deactivates COL Oberg, SD Richard
 +MCM     -- Activates STL Gant
 +-- Deactivates DET Wilson
 +NJR     -- Activates KC Kennedy
 +-- Deactivates SEA Paxton
 +NYK     -- Activates LAN Turner, WAS Reynolds, DET VerHagen, OAK Treinen
 +-- Deactivates PHI Crawford, TOR Morales, SD Yates, STL MartinezC.
 +OXY     -- Activates CHA Bummer, LAA Robles, MIA Lopez
 +-- Deactivates ATL Jackson, OAK Hendriks, WAS Suero
 +PHI     -- Signs TB Font
 +-- Signs NYN Blevins
 +-- Signs NYA Higashioka
 +-- Activates COL Senzatela
 +-- Deactivates MIL Peralta
 +-- Releases DET Greiner, KC Sparkman, TEX Sampson
 +POR     -- Activates ATL Winkler, TOR Borucki
 +-- Deactivates LAA Cole, TEX Barnette
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates ATL Duvall, LAA Parker
 +-- Activates PIT Marte, WAS Rodriguez
 +SEA     -- Signs CIN Wisler
 +-- Signs MIN Morrison
 +-- Signs SD Nix
 +-- Releases DET Rodriguez, NYN Lagares, COL McGee
 +-- Activates MIN Morrison, OAK Laureano, CIN Wisler, SD Nix
 +-- Deactivates NYA Bird, PIT RodriguezS.
 +SFP     -- Activates KC Bonifacio, SF Stratton
 +-- Signs SF Stratton
 +-- Trades CHA Minaya, COL Oh, SFP#7 (20) to COU for COU#5 (20)
 +-- Trades DET Hardy to SKY for SKY#5 (20)
 +-- Activates LAA Pena
 +SKY     -- Deactivates CIN Mahle
 +-- Activates DET Hardy
 +-- Releases BAL Mullins
 +-- Trades SKY#5 (20) to SFP for DET Hardy
 +SLG     -- Deactivates ARI Walker, KC McCarthy
 +-- Activates BAL Wilkerson, LAN Floro
 +SNH     -- Activates OAK Buchter
 +-- Deactivates MIN Romero
 +WMS     -- Deactivates MIN Buxton, NYN SmithDo., LAN Baez, STL Weaver
 +-- Activates MIN Mauer, TOR Drury, PHI RamosE., SEA Gonzales
 July 31 (for week 16) July 31 (for week 16)
 --------------------- ---------------------
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