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Line 181: Line 181:
 CHN Wilson CHN Wilson
 COL Holland COL Holland
-HOU McCullers 
 LAN Avilan LAN Avilan
 LAN Morrow LAN Morrow
Line 187: Line 186:
 NYA Tanaka NYA Tanaka
 OAK Triggs OAK Triggs
 +PIT Nova
 TOR Estrada TOR Estrada
 WAS Madson WAS Madson
Line 266: Line 266:
 ATL Vizcaino ATL Vizcaino
 BAL Givens BAL Givens
-DET Fulmer+DET Fulmer ​> replaced by MIL Woodruff
 KC Minor KC Minor
 LAN Wood LAN Wood
Line 272: Line 272:
 MIN Hildenberger MIN Hildenberger
 MIN Santana MIN Santana
-PHI Nola+PHI Nola > replaced mid-series by BAL Hellickson
 STL Rosenthal STL Rosenthal
Line 287: Line 287:
 LAN Utley LAN Utley
 MIA Gordon MIA Gordon
-MIL Bandy+MIL Bandy > replaced by SEA Ruiz
 NYN Aoki NYN Aoki
 SD Margot SD Margot
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