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August 9
off week

August 2
BAL    -- Trades PIT Cole to GTY for GTY#2 (18)
BOW    -- Signs ATL Collmenter
-- Activates SD Solarte
-- Releases MIA Johnson
CAN    -- Deactivates PIT Schugel, WAS Gonzalez
-- Activates NYA Yates, SF Kontos
COU    -- Deactivates NYA Cessa, NYN Nimmo
-- Activates STL Wacha, WAS Revere
GTY    -- Trades GTY#2 (18) to BAL for PIT Cole
-- Activates WAS Goodwin
-- Releases TEX Harrell
KAT    -- Signs KC Moylan
-- Deactivates MIN Kintzler
-- Activates KC Moylan
-- Releases NYN Plawecki
MAD    -- Deactivates ARI Greinke, ARI Leone, OAK Phegley
-- Releases DET Saltalamacchia
-- Signs WAS Lobaton
-- Activates PIT Kang, TOR Sanchez, WAS Lobaton
MCM    -- Activates LAN Stewart
-- Deactivates TOR Cecil
ODM    -- Signs BOS Holaday
-- Trades STL Lynn to SDQ for MIL Guerra
-- Releases MIA Rea
-- Activates MIL Guerra, NYA Layne, STL GarciaJ.
-- Deactivates BOS Abad, MIA Ellington, OAK Detwiler
PHI    -- Activates CHN Ross
-- Deactivates CHN Montero
POR    -- Activates PIT Nova
-- Deactivates STL Reyes
SDQ    -- Trades MIL Guerra to ODM for STL Lynn
-- Activates CLE Almonte
SEA    -- Activates WAS Strasburg
-- Deactivates OAK Gray
SFP    -- Activates NYN Colon, WAS Ross
-- Deactivates LAN Dayton, MIN Santiago
SKY    -- Deactivates NYA Green
-- Activates PIT Taillon
SNH    -- Deactivates LAA Shoemaker, OAK Rodriguez
-- Activates CIN Iglesias, CLE Clevinger

July 26
BAL    -- Activates HOU Kemp, LAA Ortega, SEA Miranda
-- Releases HOU Sipp
-- Signs LAA Ortega
-- Deactivates BAL Rickard, CHN Arrieta, PIT Fryer
BOW    -- Activates MIA Cashner
-- Deactivates TOR Feldman
CAN    -- Activates CHN Wood, WAS Gonzalez
-- Trades SD Spangenberg to KAT for KAT#3 (18)
-- Signs CHN Wood
-- Deactivates SD Friedrich, WAS Belisle
GTY    -- Deactivates CHN Smith, TB Cedeno
-- Signs DET Presley
-- Signs WAS Perez
-- Releases NYA Shreve, PIT LeBlanc
-- Activates BAL McFarland, MIL Suter, OAK Eibner, TB Boxberger
KAT    -- Deactivates MIL Scahill
-- Signs LAA Cowart
-- Trades KAT#3 (18) to CAN for SD Spangenberg
-- Activates TB RamirezE.
-- Releases CHN Coghlan, PIT Hanson
MAD    -- Deactivates DET Gose, OAK Hendriks
-- Signs DET Saltalamacchia
-- Releases WAS Latos
-- Activates ARI Greinke, KC Soria, STL Leake
MCM    -- Deactivates LAN Urias
-- Activates TOR Cecil
MNM    -- Signs CIN Wood
-- Signs LAN Fields
-- Deactivates ATL Teheran, NYN deGrom
-- Activates BOS Hanigan, CIN Wood, COL McGee, HOU Keuchel, LAN Fields
-- Releases CHA Shields, KC Colon, PIT Stewart, SD Cosart
-- Signs SD Blash
-- Signs BOS Hanigan
NJR    -- Deactivates KC Butera, NYN deAza, STL Bowman, TB Duffy
-- Signs WAS Heisey
-- Releases WAS Lobaton
-- Activates ATL Flowers, ATL Inciarte, PIT Hughes, WAS Heisey
ODM    -- Deactivates CHA Morneau, SD Sanchez
-- Activates MIA Ellington, MIA Mathis
PAD    -- Deactivates DET Farmer, MIA Conley, SD Sardinas
-- Signs SF Cain
-- Releases WAS Gott
-- Activates BAL Worley, COL Reynolds, SF Cain
PHI    -- Deactivates DET Iglesias, PHI Eflin
-- Activates LAN Kershaw, MIL Arcia
POR    -- Deactivates SEA Iwakuma
-- Activates NYN Goeddel
SCS    -- Deactivates CHA Lawrie, LAN Toles, SF Pagan
-- Activates KC Mondesi, SF Gillaspie, STL Moss
SFP    -- Releases PIT Feliz
-- Activates ATL Peterson, TEX Kela
-- Deactivates ARI Gosselin, SEA Hernandez
-- Signs NYN Colon
SKY    -- Activates PHI Velasquez
-- Releases LAA Choi
-- Signs SF Adrianza
-- Deactivates TB Snell
TRI    -- Releases ATL Krol
-- Deactivates HOU Gregerson, SD Margot
-- Signs TOR Floyd
-- Activates ATL d'Arnaud, TOR Floyd
WMS    -- Deactivates SF Tomlinson
-- Activates DET Zimmermann

July 19
CAN    -- Deactivates ARI Miller
-- Activates SD Friedrich
KAT    -- Releases TB Maile, WAS Heisey
-- Activates BOS Rutledge, LAA Pennington, MIL Scahill, MIN Kintzler, WAS 
-- Deactivates BAL Bundy, NYN Plawecki
-- Trades CLE Bauer to SCS for SCS#2 (18)
-- Trades TOR Barney to MCM for TB RamirezE.
-- Trades MIA Dietrich to SDQ for MIL Maldonado
-- Activates MIL Maldonado, TB Mahtook, WAS Severino
-- Trades COL Logan , MIA Prado , SF Law , WAS Werth to TRI for BOS 
Rutledge, HOU Gurriel, MIL Scahill, MIN Kintzler
-- Signs CHN Coghlan
-- Signs LAA Pennington
-- Signs WAS Robinson
MAD    -- Activates LAN Maeda, OAK Hendriks, OAK Phegley, PIT Vogelsong
-- Deactivates PIT Kang, TOR Dickey, TOR Sanchez
-- Signs PIT Vogelsong
-- Releases DET Saltalamacchia
MCM    -- Deactivates DET Greene, LAN Barnes
-- Activates MIN Sano, TOR Barney
-- Trades TB RamirezE. to KAT for TOR Barney
ODM    -- Deactivates OAK Detwiler, STL GarciaJ.
-- Activates ATL Roe, COL Bettis
PAD    -- Deactivates TOR Goins
-- Activates NYN Walker
POR    -- Activates CIN Schebler, MIL Pina, STL Reyes
-- Signs NYN Goeddel
-- Releases TOR Floyd
-- Deactivates HOU Reed, MIN Centeno
SCS    -- Deactivates ATL Wisler
-- Trades SCS#2 (18) to KAT for CLE Bauer
-- Releases KC Hochevar
-- Activates CLE Bauer
-- Signs TOR Grilli
-- Releases NYN Colon
-- Activates TOR Grilli
-- Deactivates BOS Hernandez
SDQ    -- Trades MIL Maldonado to KAT for MIA Dietrich
-- Activates CIN Cabrera, MIA Dietrich, OAK Mengden
-- Deactivates CHA Rodon, COL Adames
SFP    -- Activates LAN Dayton, MIL Barnes
-- Deactivates HOU Neshek, WAS Ross
SKY    -- Deactivates MIA Chen, TEX Chirinos
-- Activates CHA Narvaez, TB Snell
TRI    -- Activates COL Logan, MIA Prado, PIT Kuhl, SD Margot, SF Law, WAS Werth
-- Deactivates MIA Gordon, MIN SantanaE.
-- Trades BOS Rutledge, HOU Gurriel, MIL Scahill, MIN Kintzler to KAT for 
COL Logan , MIA Prado , SF Law , WAS Werth
WMS    -- Activates SF Tomlinson
-- Deactivates SEA Walker

July 12
BAL    -- Activates BAL O'Day, BOS Porcello, CHN Arrieta
-- Deactivates BAL Gausman, CHA Robertson, PIT Cole
BOW    -- Releases PIT Vogelsong
-- Signs BAL Gallardo
-- Activates TOR Feldman
CAN    -- Activates ARI Miller
-- Deactivates WAS Gonzalez
COU    -- Deactivates WAS Cole
-- Activates BOS Rodriguez
EDG    -- Deactivates CIN DeJesus, NYA Judge
-- Activates PIT Harrison, SEA MartinL.
GTY    -- Signs MIL Suter
-- Activates CLE Brantley
-- Deactivates OAK Eibner
-- Activates TEX Harrell
-- Deactivates TB Boxberger
-- Releases TB Jennings
MAD    -- Activates CIN Straily, LAN Reddick, MIA Wittgren, TOR Sanchez
-- Deactivates ARI Greinke, CLE Salazar, KC Soria, STL Leake
MCM    -- Deactivates OAK Cotton
-- Activates DET Greene
MNM    -- Activates ATL Teheran, TOR Carrera
-- Deactivates SD Arcia
-- Trades STL Duke to SFP for SFP#6 (18), TOR Carrera
NJR    -- Deactivates ATL Inciarte
-- Releases LAA Perez
-- Activates NYN deAza
-- Signs PIT Hughes
ODM    -- Activates MIA Rea
-- Deactivates MIA Ellington
PAD    -- Activates BOS Vazquez, MIA Conley
-- Deactivates ATL Whalen, COL Hundley
PHI    -- Deactivates WAS Petit
-- Activates SEA Heredia
POR    -- Deactivates PIT Nova, STL Pham
-- Activates HOU Reed, TOR Floyd
SCS    -- Activates COL Chatwood
-- Deactivates ATL Perez
SDQ    -- Activates CLE McAllister
-- Deactivates PHI Gomez
SEA    -- Activates CIN Reed, CIN Stephenson
-- Deactivates BOS Owens, COL Tapia
SFP    -- Deactivates ATL Peterson, DET Hardy, HOU McHugh
-- Trades SFP#6 (18), TOR Carrera to MNM for STL Duke
-- Activates ARI Gosselin, STL Duke, WAS Ross
SKY    -- Releases CHA Putnam
-- Signs LAA Choi
-- Deactivates PHI Velasquez
-- Activates MIA Chen
SNH    -- Activates NYN Reyes, OAK Rodriguez
-- Deactivates CHA Sanchez, CHN Grimm
TRI    -- Signs STL Broxton
-- Releases DET Moya, SD Campos
-- Signs BOS Rutledge
-- Activates BOS Rutledge, STL Broxton
-- Deactivates ATL d'Arnaud

July 5
BAL    -- Activates BAL Gausman
-- Deactivates BOS Porcello
BOW    -- Signs LAA Street
-- Deactivates MIN SantanaD.
-- Activates ARI Ahmed
-- Releases NYN Robles
CAN    -- Signs NYA Yates
-- Releases SF Adrianza
-- Activates WAS Gonzalez
-- Deactivates SD Friedrich
COU    -- Activates NYN Nimmo, WAS Cole
-- Deactivates TEX Griffin, WAS Revere
GTY    -- Signs TB Boxberger
-- Releases DET Presley, LAN Fields, OAK Neal
-- Activates COL delaRosa, TB Boxberger, PIT LeBlanc
-- Deactivates HOU Peacock, BAL McFarland
-- Signs COL delaRosa
-- Signs TEX Harrell
MAD    -- Activates ARI Corbin
-- Deactivates LAN Maeda
MCM    -- Activates LAN Urias, OAK Cotton
-- Deactivates ARI Hudson, TB RamirezE.
NJR    -- Activates KC Butera, TB Forsythe
-- Deactivates LAA Perez, WAS Difo
ODM    -- Signs LAN Kazmir
-- Releases SF Pena
-- Activates CHA Morneau, CHN Chapman, MIA Ellington, OAK Detwiler
-- Deactivates COL Bettis, MIA Rodney, NYA Layne
PAD    -- Activates DET Farmer
-- Deactivates COL Anderson
PHI    -- Activates DET Boyd
-- Deactivates NYA Goody
POR    -- Activates PHI Ramos, STL Pham
-- Deactivates CIN Schebler
-- Signs PHI Ramos
-- Signs TOR Floyd
-- Releases SF Cain, TOR Grilli
SCS    -- Activates ATL Perez, BOS Hernandez
-- Deactivates KC Hochevar, STL Moss
SFP    -- Activates MIN Santiago
-- Deactivates CIN DeSclafani
SKY    -- Activates HOU Fiers
-- Deactivates PIT Taillon
SNH    -- Deactivates CIN Iglesias, TEX Rua
-- Activates BOS Barnes, SD Dickerson
WMS    -- Deactivates SEA Storen
-- Activates PIT Brault

June 28
BAL    -- Deactivates CHN Arrieta
-- Activates PIT Fryer
BOW    -- Deactivates MIA Cashner, SD Solarte
-- Activates BAL Reimold, DET Pelfrey, MIA Johnson
-- Releases BOS Brentz, PHI Howard
-- Signs MIA Johnson
-- Signs BAL Reimold
CAN    -- Activates WAS Belisle
-- Deactivates SF Kontos
COU    -- Activates NYA Sabathia, TEX Griffin
-- Deactivates BOS Rodriguez, STL Wacha
EDG    -- Activates NYA Judge
-- Deactivates SEA MartinL.
GTY    -- Deactivates LAA Skaggs
-- Activates PIT Glasnow
MAD    -- Deactivates MIA Wittgren, OAK Hendriks
-- Activates ARI Leone, TOR Dickey
-- Releases NYN Salas
-- Signs ARI Leone
MCM    -- Releases LAN Kazmir
-- Signs TOR Cecil
-- Deactivates CHN Almora
-- Activates ARI Hudson, DET Castellanos
NJR    -- Activates BAL Joseph
-- Releases CHA Turner
-- Deactivates KC Butera
-- Signs BAL Joseph
NYK    -- Deactivates ARI delaRosa
-- Activates COL Butler
ODM    -- Activates MIA Francoeur
-- Signs MIA Mathis
-- Releases BOS Holaday
-- Deactivates ATL Roe
PAD    -- Deactivates BAL Hunter, BAL Worley, BOS Vazquez, NYN Walker
-- Activates ATL Whalen, CHA Saladino, MIA McGowan, TOR Goins
PHI    -- Signs CLE Gimenez
-- Releases PHI Ramos
-- Activates CLE Gimenez, DET Iglesias, PHI HernandezD., TB Beckham
-- Deactivates CHN Ross, HOU White, MIL Arcia, NYN Lugo
POR    -- Activates TOR Estrada
-- Deactivates SF Cain
SCS    -- Deactivates CLE Tomlin, COL Chatwood, OAK Bassitt
-- Activates ATL Wisler, KC Hochevar, LAN Toles
SEA    -- Releases ARI Shipley
-- Activates COL Tapia, NYA Eovaldi, OAK Gray
-- Deactivates BOS Kelly, WAS Giolito
-- Signs NYA Eovaldi
SKY    -- Releases LAA Choi
-- Signs HOU Fiers
-- Deactivates CHA Putnam, TB Snell
-- Activates MIA Bour, NYA Green, PIT Taillon

June 21
Off week

June 14
BAL     -- Activates DET McCann
-- Trades LAN Utley to TRI for PIT Fryer
-- Activates ARI Bradley, CHA Robertson
-- Deactivates BAL Gausman, SEA Miranda
-- Trades BAL#4 (18) to GTY for DET McCann
-- Releases BAL Joseph
BOW     -- Deactivates ARI Ahmed, NYA Severino
-- Activates MIN SantanaD., WAS Drew
-- Releases MIN Hughes
-- Signs DET Pelfrey
CAN     -- Activates COL Rusin, SD Friedrich
-- Deactivates KC Strahm, WAS Gonzalez
COU     -- Signs TOR Navarro
-- Deactivates LAA Bedrosian, NYA Sabathia, NYN Nimmo
-- Activates BOS Rodriguez, CIN Selsky, NYA Cessa
-- Releases MIA Mathis
-- Activates TOR Navarro
EDG     -- Signs NYN Johnson
-- Releases ATL Castro
-- Activates NYN Johnson
GTY     -- Deactivates CLE Brantley, PIT LeBlanc, TEX Jeffress
-- Activates SF Suarez
-- Releases TB Farquhar
-- Trades DET McCann to BAL for BAL#4 (18)
-- Signs DET Presley
-- Signs COL Garneau
-- Activates COL Garneau, OAK Eibner, PIT Bell
KAT     -- Deactivates TEX Darvish
-- Activates CHA Ynoa
MAD     -- Deactivates BOS Hill, CIN Straily
-- Activates KC Soria, TEX Odor
MCM     -- Deactivates MIL Garza, MIN Sano
-- Activates CHN Almora, LAN Kazmir, NYN Matz
-- Releases TOR Cecil
-- Signs LAN Kazmir
-- Deactivates DET Greene
MNM     -- Deactivates ATL Teheran, COL McGee, HOU Keuchel
-- Activates KC Cain, MIA Urena, MIN Duffey, SD Cosart
-- Signs SD Pirela
-- Releases MIN Park
NJR     -- Activates ATL Inciarte, LAN Stripling
-- Deactivates NYN deAza, NYN Gsellman
NYK     -- Deactivates LAN Norris, MIL Peralta
-- Activates MIN Berrios, PIT Nicasio
ODM     -- Releases COL Lyles
-- Activates NYA Layne, STL GarciaJ., TOR Tulowitzki
-- Deactivates KC Gordon, MIA Ellington
-- Signs MIA Francoeur
PAD     -- Activates CHN Fowler, COL Anderson
-- Deactivates COL Reynolds, DET Farmer
PHI     -- Signs PHI HernandezD.
-- Activates NYN Lugo
-- Releases OAK Canha
-- Deactivates DET Boyd
POR     -- Deactivates CHA Avila, HOU McCullers, STL Pham
-- Activates CIN Schebler, MIN Centeno, SEA Iwakuma
SDQ     -- Deactivates CLE McAllister
-- Activates SD Renfroe
-- Activates BAL Tillman, CIN Cozart
-- Deactivates CIN Cabrera, SD Renfroe
SEA     -- Deactivates PHI Quinn, TB Cobb
-- Activates ARI Shipley, BOS Owens
SFP     -- Activates SEA Hernandez
-- Deactivates MIN Santiago
SKY     -- Deactivates MIA Chen, NYA Warren
-- Activates OAK Healy, PHI Velasquez
TRI     -- Trades PIT Fryer to BAL for LAN Utley
-- Activates LAN Utley, NYN Harvey, SD Campos
-- Deactivates PIT Kuhl, TEX Nicholas

June 7
BAL    -- Signs LAN Utley
-- Releases BAL Wilson
CAN    -- Activates MIL Knebel
-- Signs SF Adrianza
-- Trades PIT Jaso to EDG for EDG#5 (18)
-- Deactivates ARI Miller
COU    -- Deactivates OAK Maxwell, WAS Cole
-- Activates PHI Ellis, STL Wacha
EDG    -- Deactivates PIT Harrison, STL Adams
-- Trades EDG#5 (18) to CAN for PIT Jaso
-- Releases MIA Francoeur
-- Activates ATL Castro, PIT Jaso
MAD    -- Signs COL Raburn
-- Releases CHN Coghlan
-- Deactivates ARI Corbin
-- Activates ARI Greinke, COL Raburn
MCM    -- Deactivates LAN Urias
-- Activates MIL Garza
MNM    -- Activates ATL Teheran, STL Duke
-- Deactivates MIN Gibson, SEA Karns
NJR    -- Activates BOS Swihart, LAA Perez, STL Holliday
-- Releases MIL Susac
-- Signs LAA Perez
-- Deactivates ATL Flowers, BOS Benintendi
ODM    -- Signs MIA Rea
-- Deactivates BOS Holaday, OAK Detwiler, OAK Hahn
-- Activates COL Parra, MIA Ellington, SD Sanchez
-- Releases BOS Hanigan
PAD    -- Activates COL Wolters, SF Osich
-- Deactivates ARI Chafin, CHA Saladino
PHI    -- Deactivates OAK Doolittle
-- Activates NYA Goody
POR    -- Activates PIT Lobstein
-- Releases STL Broxton
-- Signs PIT Lobstein
SEA    -- Releases ATL Blair
-- Activates LAA Simmons, WAS Giolito
-- Deactivates CIN Reed, CIN Stephenson
-- Signs ARI Brito
SFP    -- Deactivates WAS Ross
-- Activates HOU McHugh
SNH    -- Deactivates CLE Clevinger, SF Pence
-- Activates SF Cueto, TB Souza
TRI    -- Signs SD Campos
WMS    -- Deactivates MIN Boshers
-- Activates MIN Rogers

May 31
BAL    -- Deactivates HOU Kemp
-- Activates SEA Miranda
BOW    -- Activates MIA Cashner
-- Deactivates TOR Feldman
COU    -- Activates LAA Morin, NYN Nimmo
-- Deactivates BOS Rodriguez
-- Signs LAA Morin
-- Releases NYN Kelly
-- Deactivates CIN Selsky
-- Activates ARI Weeks
EDG    -- Deactivates MIA Francoeur
-- Activates PIT Harrison
GTY    -- Signs WAS Goodwin
-- Trades GTY#5 (18), OAK Rodriguez, SF Cueto to SNH for CHN Smith , 
SNH#1 (18) , SNH#2 (18)
-- Deactivates SF Suarez
-- Activates CHN Smith, LAN Fields, PIT LeBlanc
-- Signs TB Farquhar
KAT    -- Deactivates NYN Wright, SF Law
-- Activates CHN LaStella, HOU Fister
MAD    -- Activates CHA Albers
-- Activates CLE Salazar, OAK Hendriks, PIT Kang
-- Signs CHA Albers
-- Releases COL Raburn
-- Deactivates KC Soria, TOR Dickey
MCM    -- Activates LAN Urias, TB RamirezE.
-- Deactivates CHN Almora, LAN McCarthy
MNM    -- Deactivates SD Cosart
-- Activates NYA Pineda
NJR    -- Releases MIN Pressly
-- Signs NYN deAza
-- Activates NYN deAza, NYN Gsellman, SEA Vincent, WAS Difo
-- Deactivates ATL Inciarte, LAN Stripling, LAN Thompson, TB Forsythe
ODM    -- Deactivates CHA Morneau, NYA Layne
-- Activates OAK Detwiler, OAK Hahn
PAD    -- Deactivates ATL Whalen, COL Anderson
-- Signs TOR Goins
-- Releases SEA Clevenger
-- Activates BAL Jimenez, BAL Worley, SD Sardinas
PHI    -- Activates DET Boyd, HOU White
-- Signs OAK Canha
-- Deactivates NYN Lugo, TB Beckham
-- Releases WAS Espinosa
POR    -- Deactivates CIN Schebler, STL Reyes, TOR Estrada
-- Activates CHN Lackey, SF Cain, STL Pham
SDQ    -- Releases ARI Burgos
-- Deactivates BAL Tillman, LAA Giavotella
-- Signs COL Bergman
-- Activates ATL Cabrera, CIN Cabrera
SEA    -- Deactivates WAS Strasburg
-- Activates BOS Kelly
SFP    -- Deactivates LAN Dayton, PIT Feliz
-- Activates ARI Delgado, DET Hardy
SKY    -- Releases LAN Utley
-- Activates CHA Putnam, NYA Warren
-- Deactivates PIT Taillon
-- Signs CHA Putnam
SNH    -- Deactivates LAN Hill
-- Trades CHN Smith , SNH#1 (18) , SNH#2 (18) to GTY for GTY#5 (18), 
OAK Rodriguez, SF Cueto
-- Releases NYA Eovaldi
-- Activates CLE Clevinger
TRI    -- Activates ATL Krol, PIT Fryer, STL Rosenthal
-- Deactivates ATL Vizcaino, CIN Bailey
-- Activates MIL Scahill
-- Signs ATL Krol
-- Signs MIL Scahill
-- Releases PIT Bastardo, SF Romo

May 24
BAL     -- Signs HOU Sipp
-- Activates BOS Porcello, DET Sanchez, HOU Kemp, PIT Cole
-- Deactivates ARI Bradley, CHA Robertson, CLE Anderson, SF Parker
-- Releases CLE Anderson
BOW     -- Signs MIA Cashner
-- Deactivates NYN Robles, PHI Howard, PHI Thompson, WAS Drew
-- Activates ARI Ahmed, ATL Recker, LAN Liberatore, MIL Anderson
-- Releases ATL Collmenter
CAN     -- Deactivates WAS Belisle
-- Activates ARI Miller
COU (week 6)    -- Deactivates NYN Nimmo, TEX Griffin
-- Activates STL Wacha, WAS Revere
EDG     -- Activates SEA MartinL.
-- Deactivates NYA Judge
GTY     -- Releases ATL Krol, CHN Wood, SD Vargas
-- Deactivates OAK Eibner, PIT Bell
-- Signs NYA Shreve
-- Activates CLE Brantley, NYA Shreve, SF Suarez
-- Signs BAL McFarland
KAT     -- Activates NYN Plawecki
-- Deactivates TB Maile
MAD     -- Deactivates ARI Greinke, DET Gose, LAN Reddick
-- Signs SF Blanco
-- Signs WAS Rzepczynski
-- Releases LAN Howell, NYA Ackley
-- Activates ARI Corbin, CIN Hamilton, SF Blanco, WAS Rzepczynski
MCM     -- Deactivates ARI Hudson, DET Castellanos, NYN Matz
-- Activates CHN Almora, CHN Cahill, DET Greene
MNM     -- Activates CHA Shields, MIN Gibson, NYN deGrom
-- Releases ARI O'Brien, CIN Holt
-- Signs ARI Godley
-- Signs SD Arcia
-- Activates ARI Godley, SD Arcia
-- Deactivates ATL Teheran, CHA Jennings, MIN Duffey
NJR     -- Activates KC Butera
-- Deactivates WAS Lobaton
NYK     -- Deactivates COL Marquez, COL Story
-- Activates LAN Norris, LAN Taylor, TEX Gallo
ODM     -- Deactivates BOS Hanigan, CHN Chapman, COL Parra, STL GarciaJ., TOR Tulowitzki
-- Activates ATL Roe, BOS Abad, BOS Leon, COL Bettis, KC Gordon
PAD     -- Deactivates BAL Worley, MIA McGowan, SF Osich
-- Activates ARI Chafin, ATL Whalen, DET Farmer
POR     -- Activates NYA Tanaka, STL Reyes
-- Deactivates CHN Lackey, SEA Iwakuma
SCS     -- Deactivates SF Gillaspie, TEX Lewis
-- Activates OAK Bassitt, SF Pagan
SDQ     -- Activates LAA Giavotella, MIL Guerra
-- Deactivates CIN Cozart, SD Renfroe
SEA     -- Signs SD Amarista
-- Releases TOR Goins
-- Activates CIN Reed, CIN Stephenson, SD Amarista
-- Deactivates OAK Gray, WAS Giolito
SFP     -- Signs ARI Delgado
-- Deactivates BOS Holt, SEA Hernandez
-- Activates LAA Marte, LAN Dayton
-- Releases ATL Weber, MIL Blazek
-- Signs DET Hardy
SKY     -- Signs LAA Choi
-- Deactivates MIA Bour, OAK Healy
-- Activates LAA Choi, NYN Conforto, TOR Bautista
-- Releases CHA Putnam
SNH     -- Deactivates BOS Barnes, NYA Eovaldi
-- Activates CHN Grimm, LAA Shoemaker
TRI     -- Releases LAN Culberson
-- Activates ATL d'Arnaud
WMS     -- Activates SEA Walker, WAS Harper
-- Signs PIT Brault
-- Releases MIN Milone
-- Deactivates MIN Rogers, SF Tomlinson

May 17
Off week

May 10
BAL    -- Releases SEA Clevenger
-- Signs BAL Joseph
-- Deactivates BAL Wilson, SEA Miranda, WAS Solis
-- Activates BAL Givens, BAL Joseph, CHN Arrieta, CLE Anderson
CAN    -- Deactivates SD Friedrich
-- Activates WAS Gonzalez
COU    -- Deactivates ARI Herrmann
-- Activates PHI Ellis
GTY    -- Signs PIT LeBlanc
-- Deactivates TB Jennings
-- Activates TEX Jeffress
-- Signs LAN Fields
-- Releases PHI Morgan, SD Blash
KAT    -- Activates BAL Bundy
-- Deactivates TB Andriese
MAD    -- Deactivates TEX Odor
-- Activates OAK Alonso
MCM    -- Signs MIL Garza
-- Releases LAN Kazmir
MNM    -- Activates MIL Gennett, SD Cosart
-- Deactivates KC Colon, NYA Pineda
NJR    -- Releases MIA Rea, SD Quackenbush
-- Signs SEA Vincent
-- Signs CHA Turner
-- Activates MIN Pressly, SEA Paxton
-- Deactivates HOU Musgrove, SD Quackenbush
ODM    -- Signs BOS Hanigan
-- Activates BOS Hanigan, NYA Layne, STL GarciaJ.
-- Deactivates MIA Ellington, SD Sanchez
-- Releases TEX Harrell
PAD    -- Activates BAL Worley
-- Deactivates BAL Jimenez, CHN Fowler
-- Activates BAL Hunter, COL Anderson
-- Deactivates MIA Conley
PHI    -- Activates WAS Petit
-- Deactivates DET Boyd
SDQ    -- Activates SD Renfroe
-- Deactivates OAK Mengden
SEA    -- Activates WAS Giolito
-- Deactivates BOS Kelly
SKY    -- Activates HOU Feliz, PIT Taillon
-- Deactivates DET Ryan, NYA Green
SNH    -- Activates TEX Rua
-- Deactivates SD Dickerson
TRI    -- Activates CIN Adleman
-- Deactivates PHI Nola
WMS    -- Activates NYA Bleier, SF Tomlinson
-- Deactivates NYA Austin, STL Weaver
-- Activates PHI Altherr (week 5)
-- Deactivates WAS Harper (week 5)

May 3
BAL     -- Deactivates BOS Porcello
-- Activates BAL Rickard
BOW     -- Releases LAA Street
-- Signs CHA GarciaL.
-- Activates NYA Severino, PHI Howard, PHI Thompson
-- Deactivates ATL Collmenter, ATL Recker, MIN SantanaD.
COU     -- Deactivates OAK Maxwell, TEX Holland
-- Signs NYN Kelly
-- Activates NYA Cessa, NYN Kelly, NYN Nimmo
-- Releases CIN Iribarren
EDG     -- Releases LAA Perez
-- Signs ATL Castro
-- Deactivates SEA MartinL.
-- Activates NYA Judge
GTY     -- Deactivates PHI Morgan, SD Blash, TB Jennings
-- Activates SD Vargas
KAT     -- Deactivates HOU Fister
-- Activates COL Descalso
MAD     -- Activates BOS Hill, MIA Wittgren, OAK Lowrie, TOR Dickey
-- Releases LAA Pennington, TB Shaffer
-- Signs CHN Coghlan
-- Signs BOS Hill
-- Deactivates CLE Salazar, NYN Salas, OAK Hendriks, PIT Kang
MCM     -- Deactivates CHN Almora, CHN Cahill, DET Greene
-- Activates MIN Sano, NYN Matz, OAK Coulombe
MNM     -- Deactivates LAA Meyer, MIA Dunn, MIA Urena
-- Activates ATL Teheran, COL McGee, MIN Park
NYK     -- Signs LAA Ramirez
-- Deactivates TEX Gallo
-- Activates TB Romero
-- Trades TEX Perez to ODM for ODM#1 (18)
-- Releases MIN Chargois
-- Signs LAN Norris
ODM     -- Releases COL delaRosa
-- Trades ODM#1 (18) to NYK for TEX Perez
-- Activates COL Parra, MIA Ellington
-- Deactivates BOS Abad, BOS Leon, COL Bettis, KC Gordon
-- Activates SD Sanchez, TEX Perez
PAD     -- Deactivates ARI Chafin, LAA Richards
-- Activates BAL Jimenez, SF Osich
PHI     -- Activates DET Boyd, PHI Eflin
-- Deactivates ARI Haniger, LAN Kershaw
POR     -- Activates CIN Schebler, HOU McCullers
-- Deactivates NYA Tanaka, STL Reyes
SDQ     -- Activates CLE McAllister
-- Deactivates CIN Cabrera
SEA     -- CIN Stephenson returned
-- Activates MIN Plouffe
SFP     -- Activates TOR Smoak
-- Deactivates LAA Marte
SKY     -- Activates CHA Putnam
-- Deactivates NYA Warren
SNH     -- Deactivates LAA Shoemaker
-- TB Souza returned
-- Activates NYA Eovaldi
TRI     -- Deactivate LAN Wood
-- Activate PIT Kuhl
WMS     -- Activate PHI Altherr
-- Deactivate WAS Harper

April 26
BAL    -- Deactivates BAL O'Day, CHN Arrieta
-- Activates ARI Bradley, BAL Wilson
BOW    -- Signs BAL Flaherty
-- Deactivates LAN Liberatore, MIL Anderson
-- Activates BAL Flaherty, NYN Robles
-- Releases BAL Reimold
CAN    -- Activates SD Friedrich
-- Deactivates WAS Gonzalez
COU    -- Deactivates STL Wacha
-- Activates TEX Holland
EDG    -- Activates MIA Francoeur
-- Deactivates PIT Harrison
KAT    -- Deactivates TB Maile
-- Activates HOU Fister
MAD    -- Deactivates OAK Phegley
-- Signs SD Norris
-- Activates TB Shaffer
-- Deactivates ARI Corbin, OAK Alonso
-- Activates SD Norris, TOR Sanchez
-- Releases TB Conger
-- Signs TB Shaffer
MCM    -- Deactivates OAK Cotton
-- Activates DET Greene
MNM    -- Signs BOS Hembree
-- Releases NYN Kelly
-- Activates ATL Ramirez, BOS Hembree
-- Deactivates CHA Shields
NJR    -- Deactivates MIN Pressly, SEA Paxton
-- Activates HOU Musgrove, SD Quackenbush
NYK    -- Releases BOS Hill, NYN Johnson, PIT Hutchison
-- Signs LAN Taylor
-- Signs CHA Kahnle
-- Signs NYA Swarzak
-- Activates TEX Gallo, WAS Zimmerman
ODM    -- Activates KC Ventura, MIA Rodney, SF Pena
-- Releases TOR Floyd
-- Deactivates ATL Roe, NYA Layne, OAK Hahn
-- Signs MIA Ellington
PAD    -- Activates MIA Conley
-- Deactivates COL Anderson
PHI    -- Releases CLE Chamberlain
-- Activates NYN Lugo
-- Signs WAS Petit
POR    -- Activates STL Reyes
-- Deactivates STL Pham
SCS    -- Activates LAA Nolasco
-- Deactivates KC Mondesi
-- Activates MIA Rojas
-- Deactivates LAN Toles
SEA    -- Deactivates CIN Reed, LAA Simmons
-- Activates BOS Kelly, WAS Strasburg
SFP    -- Deactivates LAN Dayton
-- Activates ARI Barrett
SKY    -- Deactivates PIT Taillon
-- Activates NYA Green
SNH    -- Deactivates CHN Smith, NYN Reyes
-- Activates BOS Barnes, CHA Sanchez
TRI    -- Deactivates ATL d'Arnaud
-- Activates LAN Culberson
-- Releases WAS Papelbon
-- Signs LAN Culberson
WMS    -- Deactivates NYA Bleier, PHI Altherr
-- Activates LAN Hernandez, STL Weaver

April 19
BAL    -- Activates BAL O'Day, KC Merrifield, SEA Clevenger, SEA Miranda, 
SF Parker
-- Deactivates BAL Givens, BAL Rickard, HOU Kemp, PIT Cole
-- Signs SEA Clevenger
-- Releases SD Norris
BOW    -- Deactivates MIN Hughes
-- Signs MIL Anderson
-- Activates MIL Anderson
-- Releases NYA Shreve
CAN    -- Activates NYN RiveraR.
-- Deactivates COL Murphy
COU    -- Signs TEX Griffin
-- Releases COL Garneau, LAA Morin
-- Signs LAA Petit
-- Activates LAA Petit, MIA Mathis
-- Deactivates NYN Nimmo, PHI Ellis
-- Deactivates NYA Cessa
-- Activates TEX Griffin
MAD    -- Activates DET Gose, SF Gearrin
-- Deactivates TOR Sanchez
-- Deactivates CIN Hamilton, LAA Pennington
-- Activates STL Leake
MCM    -- Deactivates MIN Sano, NYN Matz, OAK Coulombe
-- Activates CHN Almora, LAN McCarthy, OAK Cotton
MNM    -- Deactivates COL McGee, MIL Gennett, MIN Gibson, SD Cosart, STL Duke
-- Signs CIN Holt
-- Releases CLE Byrd
-- Activates CHA Shields, CIN Holt, LAA Meyer, MIA Dunn, MIA Urena
ODM    -- Activates BOS Holaday, NYA Layne, OAK Hahn
-- Deactivates OAK Detwiler, SD Sanchez, STL GarciaJ.
-- Signs SF Pena
-- Releases LAN Norris
PAD    -- Deactivates BAL Worley, SF Osich
-- Activates ARI Chafin, LAA Richards
PHI    -- Deactivates DET Boyd, DET Iglesias, HOU White
-- Activates CIN Lorenzen, MIL Arcia, TB Beckham
SDQ    -- Activates OAK Mengden
-- Deactivates MIL Guerra
SEA    -- Activates TB Souza
-- Deactivates MIN Plouffe
-- Trades CIN Stephenson to SNH for TB Souza
SKY    -- Activates CHA GarciaA.
-- Activates MIA Chen, MIN Kepler, TOR Biagini
-- Deactivates HOU Feliz, NYN Conforto, PHI Velasquez, TOR Bautista
SNH    -- Trades TB Souza to SEA for CIN Stephenson
TRI    -- Activates PHI Nola, TEX Nicholas
-- Deactivates PIT Kuhl, SD Margot
WMS    -- Activates MIN Milone, NYA Bleier
-- Releases MIA Ellington
-- Deactivates DET Zimmermann, SEA Walker
-- Signs MIN Milone

April 12
BOW    -- Activates BOS Brentz, MIN Hughes
-- Deactivates ARI Ahmed, NYA Severino
-- Releases PIT Brault
-- Signs MIN Hughes
CAN    -- Activates KC Strahm, PHI Eickhoff, WAS Gonzalez
-- Deactivates ARI Miller, COL Rusin, SD Friedrich
COU    -- Deactivates TEX Holland, WAS Revere
-- Activates CIN Iribarren, NYA Cessa, STL Wacha
-- Releases BOS Rutledge, HOU Sipp
-- Signs CIN Iribarren
-- Signs COL Garneau
EDG    -- Releases MIA Alvarez(UC17)
-- Signs SD Richard
MCM    -- Activates CHA Gonzalez
-- Deactivates LAN Kazmir
NJR    -- Activates BOS Benintendi, MIN Pressly
-- Deactivates SD Quackenbush, STL Holliday
NYK    -- Signs KC Nava
-- Deactivates TB Romero, WAS Zimmerman
-- Activates BOS Hill, COL Marquez
-- Releases LAN Taylor
ODM    -- Activates COL Bettis, STL GarciaJ., TEX Barnette
-- Deactivates COL Parra, KC Ventura, MIA Rodney
PAD    -- Deactivates BAL Jimenez, MIA Conley
-- Activates BAL Worley, COL Anderson
SCS    -- Activates SF Gillaspie (emergency)
-- Deactivates MIA Rojas (emergency)
-- Activates CLE Tomlin, LAN Toles
-- Deactivates NYN Colon, SF Pagan
SDQ    -- Deactivates ATL Cabrera, CLE Almonte
-- Activates MIL Guerra, MIL Maldonado
SEA    -- Signs CLE Crisp
-- Deactivates BOS Kelly, COL Tapia, WAS Strasburg
-- Activates CIN Reed, CLE Crisp, OAK Gray
-- Releases NYN Goeddel
SFP    -- Activates PIT Feliz
-- Deactivates TOR Smoak
SNH    -- Activates SF Moore
-- Deactivates CHN Grimm
WMS    -- Signs SF Tomlinson
-- Releases SF Pena
-- Activates DET Zimmermann
-- Deactivates LAN Hernandez

April 5
MNM    -- Signs NYN Kelly
-- Releases LAN Fields
NJR    -- Signs MIN Pressly
ODM    -- Signs COL delaRosa
-- Releases SF Tomlinson

March 30
NJR     -- Trades KC Ventura to ODM for ODM#4 (18)
NYK     -- Signs TEX Alvarez
-- Releases BOS Hembree
ODM     -- Trades ODM#4 (18) to NJR for KC Ventura
-- Signs CHA Morneau
-- Signs SD Sanchez
-- Releases LAA Petit, MIL Anderson, SD Richard
SKY     -- Signs TB Motter
-- Releases CIN Lamb

March 22
COU    -- Signs MIA Mathis
-- Releases CHA Kahnle, TOR Colabello
-- Signs DET Romine
NYK    -- Signs COL Butler
-- Releases NYA Yates
ODM    -- Signs LAA Petit
-- Releases ATL Withrow, BOS Hanigan, BOS Holaday, CHA Morneau, HOU 
Fiers, MIL Garza, PIT LeBlanc
-- Signs CHA Rollins
-- Signs ATL Roe
-- Signs COL Lyles
-- Signs OAK Detwiler
-- Signs SD Richard
TRI    -- Releases CHN Coghlan, CHN Matusz
-- Signs ATL d'Arnaud
-- Signs PIT Fryer

Transactions for 2017-03-01 to 2017-03-15

BAL    -- Trades COL Marquez , MIN Berrios to NYK for ARI Castillo, SEA O'Malley
BOW    -- Releases CLE Urshela
-- Signs ARI Ahmed
CAN    -- Releases BAL Gallardo, TEX Griffin
-- Trades CAN#2 (18) , CAN#3 (18) to PHI for PHI Eickhoff, WAS Gonzalez
COU    -- Releases MIN May, TEX Fielder
-- Signs CIN Selsky
-- Signs CHA Kahnle
EDG    -- Releases ATL Castro
-- Signs MIL Marinez
GTY    -- Signs SD Blash
-- Releases LAN Garcia
KAT    -- Trades HOU Marisnick, KAT#4 (18) to PAD for PAD#7 (18) , WAS Severino
MAD    -- Trades TB Odorizzi to SDQ for SDQ#1 (18)
MNM    -- Releases TB Jepsen
-- Signs ATL Ramirez
NYK    -- Signs NYA Yates
-- Trades ARI Castillo, SEA O'Malley to BAL for COL Marquez , MIN Berrios
-- Trades CHN Ross , MIA Fernandez , MIL Thornburg to PHI for LAN Taylor, 
TB Kiermaier
-- Signs NYA Romine
-- Signs MIN Chargois
-- Releases ARI Brito, COL Butler
ODM    -- Signs MIL Garza
-- Signs PIT LeBlanc
-- Signs TEX Harrell
-- Releases COL delaRosa, LAA Choi, PHI Ruf, TEX Alberto
-- Signs LAN Norris
PAD    -- Signs OAK Overton
-- Releases TB Sizemore
-- Trades PAD#7 (18) , WAS Severino to KAT for HOU Marisnick, KAT#4 (18)
PHI    -- Signs CLE Chamberlain
-- Trades PHI Eickhoff, WAS Gonzalez to CAN for CAN#2 (18) , CAN#3 (18)
-- Trades LAN Taylor, TB Kiermaier to NYK for CHN Ross , MIA Fernandez , 
MIL Thornburg
SDQ    -- Trades SDQ#1 (18) to MAD for TB Odorizzi
SEA    -- Signs TOR Goins
-- Releases MIA Cashner
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