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 <code> <code>
 +Baltimore Sand Crabs (BAL)
 +Batters (starting positions)
 +BAL Mullins (CF)
 +CHN Bote (3B)
 +DET Paredes (3B v. RH only)
 +MIL Gamel (RF,CF)
 +MIL Pina 
 +NYN Gimenez (SS,2B,3B)
 +PHI Haseley (CF,LF,RF vs. RH only)
 +PIT Osuna (1B)
 +SEA Torrens (C)
 +SF  Ruf (LF)
 +TEX Andrus (SS)
 +TEX Dietrich (DH v. RH only)
 +TEX Guzman (1B v. RH only)
 +TEX Solak (LF,2B,CF)
 +TOR Biggio (2B,RF,3B)
 +ATL Webb
 +COL Freeland (SP)
 +HOU Javier (SP)
 +HOU Paredes
 +MIA Hernandez (SP)
 +MIA Kintzler
 +NYA Happ (SP)
 +PHI Eflin (SP)
 +STL Cabrera
 +STL Poncedeleon (SP)
 +TEX Hearn
 Bowling Green Bandits (BOW) Bowling Green Bandits (BOW)
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