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 +August 12 (For week 18)
 +BAL     -- Activates SEA LeBlanc
 +-- Deactivates COL Freeland
 +BOW     -- Activates NYN Nido
 +-- Deactivates TEX Trevino
 +CAN     -- Deactivates CIN Aquino, MIN Rosario, STL Wieters, LAN Ferguson, ​
 +TB McKay
 +-- Activates KC Phillips, MIL Grisham, PIT Diaz, ATL Toussaint, CHA Marshall
 +-- Signs PIT Diaz
 +-- Releases LAA Walsh
 +EVE     -- Deactivates PIT Osuna, SEA Lopes, CHN Wieck
 +-- Trades TOR Giles, TEX DeShields to SDQ for SDQ#1 (21)
 +-- Signs KC Starling
 +-- Signs MIA Holaday
 +-- Activates BOS Chavis, KC Starling, NYA Judge, PIT Hartlieb, SEA Kikuchi
 +GTY     -- Deactivates NYA Frazier, NYN Lagares, MIL Burnes
 +-- Activates CHN Happ, CIN Ervin, LAN Jansen
 +KAT     -- Deactivates COL Dahl, BOS Eovaldi
 +-- Activates MIN Adrianza, LAA Canning
 +MAD     -- Activates TEX Kiner-Falefa,​ CHA Fry
 +-- Deactivates CHN Caratini, MIA Smith
 +-- Signs MIL Jackson
 +MCM     -- Releases PHI Pivetta
 +-- Signs LAA Bard
 +-- Activates OAK Murphy, LAA Bard, SF Moronta
 +-- Deactivates MIN Astudillo, BAL Wojciechowski
 +NJR     -- Activates CLE Cole, HOU Smith
 +-- Deactivates BAL Givens, KC Kennedy
 +-- Releases SF Beede
 +-- Signs CLE Cole
 +ODM     -- Signs SD Margevicius
 +-- Signs CHN Russell
 +-- Releases CHN Holland, MIN Thorpe
 +-- Deactivates KC LopezN., HOU Peacock
 +-- Activates CHN Russell, PIT Brault, SD Margevicius
 +OXY     -- Deactivates DET Boyd, MIA Lopez
 +-- Signs HOU McHugh
 +-- Activates CLE Civale, OAK Diekman
 +-- Releases ARI Chafin
 +PHI     -- Activates COL Almonte, LAN Gonsolin, SF SmithB.
 +-- Signs SF SmithB.
 +-- Releases CLE Goody, PHI Dominguez, WAS Doolittle
 +-- Signs PHI Gosselin
 +-- Signs ATL Cervelli
 +-- Deactivates MIN Stashak
 +POR     -- Releases OAK Phegley
 +-- Deactivates ARI Holland, SEA Sheffield
 +-- Activates DET Hicks, CHA Nova, TB Kittredge
 +-- Signs CHA Nova
 +-- Activates MIN Cruz, MIL Jeffress
 +-- Deactivates NYN Familia
 +-- Releases CHN Zobrist
 +-- Signs DET Hicks
 +RRG     -- Signs SEA Swanson
 +-- Deactivates LAN Lux, PHI Garcia
 +-- Releases TB Duffy, MIN Moya [UC20], PIT Agrazal, TEX Burke
 +-- Activates ARI Clarke, SEA Swanson
 +-- Signs ARI Clarke
 +-- Signs LAN Gyorko
 +-- Signs COL Valaika
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates CIN Dietrich, BAL Fry
 +-- Releases BAL Williams
 +-- Activates TEX DeShields, TOR Giles
 +-- Trades SDQ#1 (21) to EVE for TOR Giles, TEX DeShields
 +-- Releases CIN Reed [UC20]
 +SEA     -- Deactivates NYA Gardner
 +-- Activates NYA Stanton
 +SFL     -- Deactivates LAN Pollock, TB Chirinos
 +-- Activates LAN Verdugo, CIN Wood
 +SKY     -- Releases LAA Suarez
 +-- Signs CHA Collins
 +-- Activates CHA Collins, CLE Kluber
 +-- Deactivates TB d'​Arnaud,​ TB Snell
 +SLG     -- Signs ARI Vargas
 +-- Releases KC Montgomery
 +-- Activates ARI Vargas, MIN Pineda [UC19]
 +-- Deactivates ATL Hechavarria,​ ATL Keuchel
 +WMS     -- Deactivates TOR McKinney
 +-- Activates PHI Smyly [UC19]
 +August 5 (For week 17)
 +BAL     -- Releases BAL Davis, CHN Russell, SEA Healy, DET VerHagen
 +-- Signs BAL Mullins
 +-- Signs ARI McFarland
 +-- Signs CHA Covey
 +-- Signs SEA LeBlanc
 +-- Activates KC O'​Hearn,​ NYA Andujar, ARI McFarland, CHA Covey, PHI Eflin
 +-- Deactivates CHN Mills, STL Cabrera
 +BOW     -- Deactivates MIA Yamamoto
 +-- Activates MIL Anderson
 +CAN     -- Activates SD Strahm, TB McKay
 +-- Deactivates BOS Sale, CIN Gausman
 +EVE     -- Activates CLE Plutko, NYN Syndergaard
 +-- Releases ARI Lamb
 +-- Deactivates CHN Hamels, SEA Milone
 +-- Signs PIT Hartlieb
 +GTY     -- Deactivates LAA Skaggs, TEX Martin
 +-- Signs TOR Zeuch
 +-- Releases SEA Broxton
 +-- Activates SD Mejia, SEA Brennan
 +KAT     -- Activates BAL Bundy
 +-- Deactivates STL Hudson
 +MAD     -- Deactivates ARI Leake, MIA Garcia
 +-- Activates MIA Brice, MIA Smith
 +-- Trades PIT Moran to SFP for SKY#5 (21)
 +MCM     -- Activates LAN Urias [UC19]
 +-- Releases CIN Blandino
 +-- Signs NYA Wade
 +NJR     -- Activates NYA Estrada, TOR Waguespack
 +-- Deactivates SF Crawford, SF Beede
 +NYK     -- Deactivates ARI Cron, LAN Turner, TEX Gallo
 +-- Activates ARI Rojas, MIL Perez, OAK Brown
 +ODM     -- Signs CHN Holland
 +-- Signs ATL Minter
 +-- Releases KC LopezJ., MIL Faria [UC20], PIT Feliz
 +-- Deactivates LAA Barria
 +-- Activates DET Soto, MIN Littell, MIN Perez
 +-- Signs DET Soto
 +OXY     -- Deactivates PIT Tucker, ARI Chafin
 +-- Activates CLE Luplow, MIA Lopez
 +PHI     -- Deactivates KC Viloria, COL Senzatela, PHI Dominguez
 +-- Signs CHA Detwiler
 +-- Signs COL Almonte
 +-- Activates DET Rogers, CHA Detwiler, CLE Goody, MIN Stashak
 +-- Signs MIN Stashak
 +-- Releases COL Davis, HOU McHugh, KC Lovelady
 +POR     -- Activates OAK Phegley, BOS Porcello, SEA Sheffield
 +-- Signs CIN Kemp
 +-- Signs MIL Jeffress
 +-- Deactivates ARI Avila, SF Anderson
 +-- Releases CHA Nova, MIA Dugger
 +RRG     -- Deactivates PIT Agrazal
 +-- Deactivates LAA Mejia, PIT Archer
 +-- Activates HOU James, PHI Arrieta
 +-- Activates KC Dini
 +SDQ     -- Activates CIN Barnhart
 +-- Deactivates PHI Knapp
 +SEA     -- Activates OAK Laureano, COL Gray
 +-- Signs COL McGee
 +-- Deactivates SD Garcia, SD Perdomo
 +-- Releases MIA Steckenrider [UC20]
 +SFL     -- Activates ATL Joyce, KC Cuthbert, MIL Woodruff
 +-- Deactivates DET Candelario, MIA Berti, TEX Pence
 +SFP     -- Trades SKY#5 (21) to MAD for PIT Moran
 +-- Deactivates LAA Pena, TB Beeks
 +-- Releases CHA Collins
 +-- Activates CLE PerezR., PIT Moran, HOU Urquidy
 +SKY     -- Activates PHI Velasquez, TB Snell
 +-- Deactivates LAA Suarez, WAS Rainey
 +SLG     -- Activates NYA Loaisiga, TOR Godley
 +-- Signs TOR Godley
 +-- Releases MIA Holaday
 +-- Deactivates SD Lauer, TB Anderson
 +SNH     -- Releases PIT Wang
 +-- Signs COL Hoffman
 +-- Activates COL Hoffman
 +WMS     -- Deactivates NYN Diaz
 +-- Activates KC Junis
 +July 22 (For week 16)
 +BOW     -- Deactivates PHI Bruce, KC Keller
 +-- Activates TB Castillo, TOR Thornton
 +CAN     -- Activates HOU Springer, SEA Adams
 +-- Deactivates MIL Grisham, TEX Montero
 +EVE     -- Activates LAN Smith, CHN Hendricks
 +-- Deactivates ARI Lamb, SEA Kikuchi
 +GTY     -- Activates NYA Frazier, NYN Lagares, MIL Burnes
 +-- Signs NYN Lagares
 +-- Releases LAN Garlick
 +-- Deactivates CIN Ervin, SEA Broxton, SEA Long
 +KAT     -- Deactivates CIN Bowman
 +-- Activates COL Dahl
 +MCM     -- Activates CIN Blandino, BAL Wojciechowski,​ TEX Clase
 +-- Releases ARI Almonte
 +-- Signs CIN Blandino
 +-- Deactivates PHI Morgan, SF Moronta
 +NYK     -- Deactivates CIN Winker, TB LoweB., CIN Sims [UC19], SD Yates
 +-- Activates SEA Crawford, TEX Gallo, CHA Cease, SD Stammen
 +POR     -- Deactivates MIN Cruz, MIA Dugger, SF Coonrod
 +-- Activates TB Sogard, COL Diaz, SF Anderson
 +SDQ     -- Deactivates CHA Mendick
 +-- Activates LAA Thaiss
 +SFL     -- Activates LAN Pollock
 +-- Deactivates LAN Verdugo
 +SLG     -- Deactivates BAL Hays [UC19], DET Stewart, MIA Holaday
 +-- Activates DET Jones, MIA Dean, KC Montgomery
 July 15 (For week 15) July 15 (For week 15)
 --------------------- ---------------------
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