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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Transactions for 2020-03-20 to 2020-03-25+April 1 (For week 2) 
 +BAL    -- Activates BAL Davis 
 +-- Deactivates KC O'​Hearn 
 +BOW    -- Deactivates TB Wendle, MIN Harper 
 +-- Activates CHA Garcia, BOS Taylor 
 +CAN    -- Activates ARI Ray, CIN Gausman, MIL Gonzalez, SEA Adams 
 +-- Deactivates TOR Fisher, PHI Arrieta, SD Strahm, TEX Montero 
 +KAT    -- Activates MIN Adrianza, STL Knizner, LAA Canning, SD Quantrill 
 +-- Deactivates HOU Marisnick, MIN Garver, BOS Eovaldi, OAK Manaea 
 +MAD    -- Signs SEA Sadzeck 
 +-- Releases LAN Gyorko 
 +MCM    -- Deactivates MIN Astudillo, DET Farmer 
 +-- Activates OAK Murphy, BAL Wojciechowski 
 +NJR    -- Signs DET McKay 
 +-- Releases DET Ross, PHI Vincent 
 +-- Signs COL Gonzalez 
 +NYK    -- Deactivates CIN Winker, TEX Gallo 
 +-- Activates TEX Mazara, DET Norris 
 +ODM    -- Activates PIT Feliz 
 +-- Deactivates HOU Peacock 
 +POR    -- Activates CHA Nova, SF Anderson 
 +-- Deactivates ATL Blevins, TB Kittredge 
 +RRG    -- Deactivates NYN Nimmo 
 +-- Activates MIA Puello 
 +SCS    -- Deactivates OAK Bassitt 
 +-- Activates ATL Teheran 
 +SEA    -- Activates WAS Stevenson, ARI Gallen 
 +-- Deactivates CHA Giolito, CIN Castillo 
 +SKY    -- Activates SEA Hernandez 
 +-- Deactivates WAS Zimmerman 
 +SLG    -- Deactivates COL Murphy, DET Stewart, MIA Anderson, ARI Ginkel 
 +-- Activates ATL Hechavarria,​ CHN Hoerner, DET Jones, HOU Tucker 
 +WMS    -- Activates LAN Hernandez, KC Junis 
 +-- Deactivates BAL Wilkerson, NYN Stroman
 +March 25 (For week 1)
 EVE    -- Deactivates ARI Lamb, MIA Holaday, SEA Lopes, SF Dubon, CHN  EVE    -- Deactivates ARI Lamb, MIA Holaday, SEA Lopes, SF Dubon, CHN 
 Wieck, CLE Plutko, SEA Kikuchi, TB Fairbanks Wieck, CLE Plutko, SEA Kikuchi, TB Fairbanks
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