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 +May 20 (For week 8)
 +BAL     -- Activates DET Greiner, CHN Mills
 +-- Deactivates PHI Knapp, DET VerHagen
 +BOW     -- Deactivates PHI McCutchen
 +-- Activates CHN Contreras, TOR Thornton
 +-- Signs NYN Nido
 +-- Releases MIA Wallach
 +CAN     -- Activates ATL Toussaint, SD Strahm, TEX Montero
 +-- Deactivates CIN Gausman, LAN Ferguson, MIL Gonzalez
 +EVE     -- Activates NYN Syndergaard
 +-- Deactivates CHN Hendricks
 +GTY     -- Deactivates SD Mejia
 +-- Trades MIA Diaz, GTY#4 (21) to RRG for CIN Ervin, RRG#6 (21)
 +-- Activates CIN Ervin, SEA Long, SD Paddack
 +-- Deactivates CHN Happ, SEA Lewis, TOR Godley
 +-- Activates TOR McGuire
 +KAT     -- Activates PIT Polanco, STL Knizner
 +-- Deactivates CHA Moncada, MIN Garver
 +MAD     -- Signs CHN Strop
 +-- Releases OAK Davis
 +-- Deactivates PIT Moran, COL Oberg
 +-- Activates TOR Guerrero, CHN Strop
 +MCM     -- Activates ARI Almonte, BAL Wojciechowski,​ NYN Matz
 +-- Deactivates MIL Yelich, STL Gant, TEX Clase
 +NJR     -- Releases BAL Smith
 +-- Activates BAL Wilkerson, OAK Trivino
 +-- Deactivates ATL Inciarte, HOU Smith
 +-- Signs BAL Wilkerson
 +ODM     -- Deactivates KC McBroom
 +-- Releases SEA Tuivailala
 +-- Deactivates CLE AllenG., MIN Littell
 +-- Activates WAS Taylor, LAA Barria, PIT Feliz
 +-- Signs KC LopezJ.
 +-- Activates COL Rodgers
 +OXY     -- Activates PIT Tucker, OAK Fiers
 +-- Deactivates MIN Gonzalez, CLE Civale
 +PHI     -- Activates DET Rogers, STL Bader, CHN Kimbrel, MIL Peralta, WAS 
 +-- Deactivates KC Viloria, LAA Upton, HOU McHugh, KC Lovelady, PHI Dominguez
 +RRG     -- Trades CIN Ervin, RRG#6 (21) to GTY for MIA Diaz, GTY#4 (21)
 +-- Activates MIA Diaz, PHI Garcia
 +-- Deactivates PHI Arrieta
 +SEA     -- Deactivates ARI Gallen, KC Duffy, OAK Wendelken
 +-- Activates NYA Ford, LAN Kelly, TEX Allard
 +SFL     -- Deactivates LAN Beaty
 +-- Activates LAN Pollock
 +SKY     -- Deactivates TB Snell
 +-- Activates SEA Hernandez
 +SLG     -- Deactivates MIN Pineda [UC19]
 +-- Activates KC Montgomery
 +-- Deactivates ATL Hechavarria,​ NYA Loaisiga
 +-- Activates BAL Sisco, SD Lauer
 +SNH     -- Deactivates CLE Clevinger
 +-- Activates CLE AllenL.
 +WMS     -- Deactivates PHI Smyly [UC19]
 +-- Activates MIL Lyles
 +May 13 (For week 7)
 +BAL     -- Activates OAK Profar, NYN Gsellman, STL Cabrera
 +-- Releases CHA Covey, PHI Robertson [UC20]
 +-- Deactivates CLE Bradley
 +-- Trades LAA Goodwin, MIN May, CLE Hand to GTY for OAK Profar, CHN Mills, ​
 +STL Cabrera, NYN Gsellman, TOR Urena
 +BOW     -- Deactivates CHA Garcia
 +-- Activates PHI McCutchen
 +CAN     -- Trades CAN#4 (21), PHI Arrieta to RRG for CHA Colome
 +-- Deactivates TB Robertson, SEA Adams, TB McKay
 +-- Activates TOR Fisher, CHA Colome, CIN Gausman, MIL Gonzalez
 +GTY     -- Trades OAK Profar, CHN Mills, STL Cabrera, NYN Gsellman, TOR 
 +Urena to BAL for LAA Goodwin, MIN May, CLE Hand
 +-- Signs PHI Rodriguez
 +-- Activates SEA Lewis
 +-- Deactivates LAN Garlick, MIA Brinson, NYA Frazier, MIL Burnes
 +-- Activates LAA Goodwin, PHI Rodriguez, CLE Hand, MIN May, TOR Godley
 +-- Signs TOR Godley
 +MCM     -- Activates MIL Yelich, CLE Carrasco, DET Farmer, TEX Clase
 +-- Deactivates ARI Almonte, CHA Cordero, SF Webb, WAS Voth
 +NJR     -- Deactivates TEX Heineman, ARI Hirano, NYA Paxton
 +-- Activates DET CastroH., COL Gonzalez, LAN May
 +NYK     -- Activates COL Story, ARI Crichton
 +-- Deactivates SEA Crawford, SD Stammen
 +ODM     -- Deactivates MIN Thorpe
 +-- Activates SD Munoz
 +OXY     -- Deactivates BOS Moreland, OAK Neuse, TOR Hernandez, MIA Lopez
 +-- Activates HOU Altuve, MIN Gonzalez, STL Fowler, CLE Civale
 +POR     -- Deactivates OAK Phegley, CHA Nova, NYN Familia
 +-- Activates ARI Avila, ARI Holland, ATL Blevins
 +RRG     -- Trades CHA Colome to CAN for CAN#4 (21), PHI Arrieta
 +-- Deactivates TB Diaz
 +-- Activates HOU Toro, PHI Arrieta
 +SCS     -- Activates MIA Rojas
 +-- Deactivates KC Mondesi
 +SLG     -- Deactivates DET Jones
 +-- Activates MIA Anderson
 +SNH     -- Deactivates OAK Garneau, CHA Fulmer
 +-- Activates WAS Suzuki, SF Gustave
 +WMS     -- Deactivates LAN Sadler
 +-- Activates COL Shaw
 April 29 (For week 6) April 29 (For week 6)
 --------------------- ---------------------
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