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 Philadelphia Phantasm (PHI) Philadelphia Phantasm (PHI)
 --------------------------- ---------------------------
 PHI RamosW. (C) PHI RamosW. (C)
 PIT Diaz (C) PIT Diaz (C)
-PHI Knapp (C, 1b) 
 ARI Goldschmidt (1B) ARI Goldschmidt (1B)
 HOU White (1B) HOU White (1B)
Line 246: Line 245:
 SEA Haniger (RF, CF, lf) SEA Haniger (RF, CF, lf)
 BOS Price (SP) BOS Price (SP)
Line 252: Line 251:
 ATL Newcomb (SP) ATL Newcomb (SP)
 TB Stanek (SP) TB Stanek (SP)
 +WAS Roark (SP)
 MIL Cedeno (RP) MIL Cedeno (RP)
 CIN Hernandez (RP) CIN Hernandez (RP)
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