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 +American Conference
 +Starters (voted in)
 +C  TRI TOR Martin
 +1B PHI ARI Goldschmidt
 +2B NJR TB  Forsythe
 +3B MAD PIT Kang
 +SS WMS BOS Bogaerts
 +LF POR TB  Guyer
 +CF BOW PIT McCutchen
 +RF WMS WAS Harper
 +DH BOW CIN Votto
 +SP PHI LAN Kershaw
 +RP TRI HOU Gregerson
 +Reserves (voted in)
 +SS POR TB  Cabrera
 +LF PHI SD  UptonJ.
 +SP BAL CHN Arrieta
 +SP MAD LAN Greinke
 +SP WMS WAS Scherzer
 +RP PHI SD  Kimbrel
 +Reserves (selected)
 +C  PAD COL Hundley
 +1B MAD DET Cabrera
 +2B BAL HOU Altuve
 +3B BAL BAL Machado
 +LF KAT COL Gonzalez
 +CF TRI ARI Pollock
 +SP MCM CLE Carrasco
 +SP COU TB  Archer
 +SP TRI NYN Harvey
 +RP MCM TB  McGee
 +National Conference
 +Starters (voted in)
 +C  SKY PIT Cervelli
 +1B GTY BAL Davis
 +2B CAN SEA Cano
 +3B CSG STL Carpenter
 +SS EDG HOU Correa
 +LF GTY CLE Brantley
 +CF CSG LAA Trout
 +RF SEA MIA Stanton
 +DH CSG BOS Ortiz
 +SP MNM NYN deGrom
 +RP GTY LAN Jansen
 +Reserves (voted in)
 +CF MNM KC  Cain
 +RF NYK DET MartinezJ.
 +SP ODM STL Garcia
 +RP CAN KC  Davis
 +Reserves (selected)
 +C  SEA SF  Posey
 +1B SDQ HOU Carter
 +2B SDQ BAL Schoop
 +3B ODM TOR Donaldson
 +SS HAV CLE Lindor
 +DH SFP CHN Bryant
 +SP CAN ATL Miller
 +SP MNM HOU Keuchel
 +SP SFP SEA Hernandez
 +RP HAV PIT Melancon
 +RP ODM CIN Chapman
 +RP SKY NYA Miller
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