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Line 11: Line 11:
 cf GAS SEA Suzuki cf GAS SEA Suzuki
 rf BUZ PHI Abreu rf BUZ PHI Abreu
-lf SDQ SF Bonds+lf SDQ SF  Bonds
 1b MIL STL Pujols 1b MIL STL Pujols
-3b SPO LA Beltre+3b SPO LA  Beltre
 dh DTR ATL Drew dh DTR ATL Drew
 c  HAG PIT Kendall c  HAG PIT Kendall
Line 38: Line 38:
 NC Bench NC Bench
 -------- --------
-c SPO BOS Varitek+ SPO BOS Varitek
 1b SEA PHI Thome 1b SEA PHI Thome
 2b MAD HOU Kent 2b MAD HOU Kent
Line 68: Line 68:
 sp HAG OAK Harden sp HAG OAK Harden
 sp DTR PIT Perez sp DTR PIT Perez
-sp SEA LA Alvarez+sp SEA LA  Alvarez
 rp CAJ ANA Rodriguez rp CAJ ANA Rodriguez
 rp SPO STL Isringhausen rp SPO STL Isringhausen
-rp CSP LA Gagne+rp CSP LA  Gagne
 AC Bullpen AC Bullpen
Line 84: Line 84:
 rp PHI NYA Gordon rp PHI NYA Gordon
-Win: CAP HOU Clemens+Win:  CAP HOU Clemens
 Loss: CSP BOS Martinez Loss: CSP BOS Martinez
 Save: PHI NYA Gordon Save: PHI NYA Gordon
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